Some Newish Beginnings

Hello, everyone! I sure hope things are going well for you as they are for us.

Today has been quite a day; we’ve switched from old-style basic cable TV and internet (if broadband can be called ‘old-style’) to FiOS from Verizon, which promises (at least) to be very fast indeed. Which is good especially since I can now be sure to catch my Housewives, Top Chefs and Chuck in enormous size and great detail. And the DVR will tape them all for me so I can go to the gym. Which has been pretty good but not stellar this week, but crowded. Unfortunately, even though it’s January 18, I’m still eating like it was December 25th – i.e., too much. I need to get back in control. Wish me luck. Or rather wish me success, ‘luck’ really seems a bit passive. It’s not ‘bad luck’ when I can’t pass the office hoard of candies that are still making their way to work unwanted.

I ate far too much chocolate Friday and felt terrible. Good thing I did go to the gym and do 60 minutes (with some excellent eye candy as a bonus!) but still, I know everyone knew what I was up to going back and forth to the big tin of mini Snickers bars. I know I’m doing the wrong thing as my back is hurting quite a bit which only happens when I’m out of control.

A nice guy at work gave me a copy of “Body for Life” – does anyone know anything about it? It does seem to rely a lot on one buying supplements, which I am always suspicious of when I see it.

Another Beginning

Takes place around here on Tuesday and we’ve already started seeing the signs about how ‘Only Buses Into DC’ and ‘Metro Lots Will Fill Up Early’ on variable message signs around town. If you work for the Federal Government in DC or any of the surrounding counties, (Fairfax, Fairfax City, Falls Church City, Alexandria City, or Arlington in Virginia; or Montgomery or Prince George’s in Maryland – I don’t work in one of them) you’re off work Tuesday and I imagine lots of private employers are either (a) letting their people off as well, or (b) providing them with a place to sleep at the ce2business for Monday night. Even though I don’t have to go in or through or around the District


Tuesday I am wondering what it will be like on the roads to and from Fort Meade.

It’ll be Cold on the Day

And it’s cold now – as cold as I ever remember it here – where’s global warming when you really need it? (Usual disclaimer about how dreadful it really is and how I shouldn’t be so flippant.) This is a better day to bundle up like Chris Evans in this one picture, and not one to go shirtless like him in this other one (from his very good movie Cellular). Below’s a clip from the movie:

I strongly recommend it. Chris Evans, by the way, has a gay brother and very much supports marriage equality. So he’s good along with being good looking. (It’s a proven fact that most opponents of equality are frumpy badly-dressed and unhappy trolls with bad skin, so…if you’re on the fence on the issue, consider how much better you could look without the snarl of hate disfiguring your face.)

I also strongly recommend this site; what I, well, C really, call Road Porn.

Speaking of New Beginnings

There may be another new thing for C and me soon, maybe, if a deal comes together like we want it to. We’re keeping it under our hats for now…but who knows…if anything comes of it I’ll be sure and post the relevant details.

A bit of a shock!

We had a bit of a shock this week. A restaurant we LOVED, called quite simply but adequately ‘Gourmet Shish Kebab’ in Laurel wasn’t just run by a friendly Arab, but by a friendly Arab spy. Or rather one who was a spy. For Saddam Hussein. I wonder if that’s why the restaurant was so close to the National Security Agency. Hmmmm…Anyway, the owner pleaded guilty to charges of being an unregistered foreign agent, and the cook was caught in Buffalo trying to escape to Canada. I am really p*ssed off about it because the lamb curry and kebabs were excellent; now we have to find someplace else to get our fix of Middle Eastern spices. Never a dull moment though, eh?

And, Speaking of Spicy

Here’s today’s yummy and oh so good dose of Mr. Matus Va-Va-Va-Valent, here in a slightly more dignified pose, in and flapping out of, a nice crisp white shirt….




Lest you think it’s all about posing and strutting, here’s a video of what this specimen of a man goes through to develop and keep his physique (his face was bestowed by God and mum and dad of course, and so were his genetics, but that six pack and V didn’t drop down from on high, which I should keep in mind as inspiration to do more than gaze…):

(I can’t watch that video without thinking of working hard at the gym)


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4 responses to “Some Newish Beginnings

  1. I much more prever the glow-ball warnings than the other environmental stuff..

    I hope you’ll find another restaurant with spy-see food!

    • I’m going to have to tell everyone that ‘Spy-See’ joke!!! πŸ™‚ BTW, I like your blog too. πŸ™‚ Jammer dat ek geen Nederlands kan praat; verstaan jy Afrikaans? Ek praat ‘n bietjie van daardie taal.

  2. Thanks. I do follow Afrikaans. It’s like Dutch from centuries ago πŸ™‚

    • That’s what everyone says – or kombuisnederlands. πŸ™‚ I don’t have any connections to Suid-Afrika, just a great interest in it and in small or ‘out of place’ cultures in general. I like things that aren’t what they ‘should’ be.

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