Chuck’s Baaaaack!

Yes, I know, I’ve got to catch everyone up but let me start with the most recent thing and work my way backward.

Chuck’s Back!

Yes, finally, after a rather long hiatus, Chuck is back and better than ever…in 3D nogal (Afrikaans for ‘even!’). It was a very good episode, except it did involve a rock band and as john-at-the-buymoreusual when rock bands are shown in the context of television shows, they come across as terribly fake and cheesy. You can’t reproduce the atmosphere of a Springsteen concert at some enormous Concertdrome with a normal TV studio and some actors and extras. But they did try, gamely, but it was in Three Dee!!! The glasses were pretty uncomfortable and I don’t know if this will ‘catch on’ but I’m glad to say the show was watchable without them, though C who glanced at it a bit, said that there was ‘funny orange shifts’ and it didn’t look that bad. But with the goofy glasses on, it was great – especially seeing Adam Baldwin (click on him to see him as big as life and twice as handsome)…too bad he kept his clothes on the whole time.

The Weekend

Dropped my parents off at the airport Saturday and took Bob* up to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, for a lunch of buffalo burgers and Belgian beer at The Half Moon restaurant. It was rather pricy I have to say and the drive up was a mixture of really good scenery and boring flat lands. Coming back we swung Bob* through Wilmington which was a big mistake. That put us on a line to I-95 south through Delaware and into northeastern Maryland (right by North East, Maryland). I hate hate hate that stretch of I-95. It’s boring. It’s crowded. The other boys and girls are mean. Maryland drivers aren’t the worst but tend to have no lane discipline at all. None. They’ll blow by in the slow lane at 90+ and/or crawl along in the fast lane hoping one day to achieve 55. Jersey drivers aren’t that bad. New Yorkers aren’t that bad. Pennsylvanians are nearly that bad (and roads in Pennsy suck big time). Californians weren’t that bad.

So after the 95-dead-or-alive-drive

On Sunday C and I sat around doing little or nothing.Β  πŸ™‚

This past week, for those who are still interested

This past week was pretty routine, except I didn’t get to the gym much. Oh, but some of that was because we had an ice storm. I hate ice storms, more than I hate that stretch of I-95. I slipped and landed on my front and the worst thing was the ice was all around, so I couldn’t get any traction to stand up. Everytime I tried to put my (considerable) weight on a hand or a foot, it slid out from under me. I had to monkey crawl my way to the sidewalk to finally stand up (yes, it was my fault – I tried to take a short cut across the glazed glassy grass). It wasn’t a co-worker’s fault, who fell and broke her arm. And we didn’t have it half as bad as those poor people in Kentucky.

* Directs here


Right after we bought the car, C asked what name we should give it. Now, I just thought of the first name that seemed manly and fun, like the car – ‘Bob.’ A few moments later, however I told the truth – that it wasn’t a reference to Bob Van Dillen, the meterologist on CNN Headline News in the morning. C of course teased me about it since I just happen to think that BVD is rather dishy. Sadly, there aren’t many pictures of him on the web, and the one on the main CNN site is awful so here’s a picture of him so you can sort of see what I mean. He just has that beefy all American thing going on, but honestly, I didn’t name the car after him. I think I’m seeming to protest too much. It sure doesn’t help that this picture was posed by BVD because a view wrote in and said that he looked a lot like the character “Mr. Oppotunity” – an animated character in Honda ads…and we bought a Honda…and well, but, Bob’s a nice name for a car I’m getting to like better.

This might, just might, be a link to his ‘gun show’ on Headline News. I don’t think I can embed this video so click on it and tell me what you think of Bob, the man. Not Bob, the car.


An interesting blog

Porn star James Elliott N. (professional name: “Erik Rhodes”) has a blog; perhaps you should check it out – you can find it via google. It seems to be mostly SFW in terms of images but not necessarily in terms of ‘language.’ I told C this evening that it sh0uld be required reading for unattractive people. Here’s a ‘hot’ porn star who feels utterly worthless in the gay bars just like unattractive people do. Perhaps it’s not looks, it’s not you, it’s not mne, it’s not James, it’s gay bars. He does take a lot of drugs, though; that probably doesn’t help. And he gets awards for being the best porn star. Heck, in our ‘community’ we even have awards shows for escorts! Obsessive, much? Anyway, it does show you that the grass is still grass no matter what side of the fence it’s on.

Speaking of stars and hot men

I saw one Chris Evans movie this weekend, “London.” It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. It did feature Mr. E. with Jason Statham and Jessica Biehl, who were also in “Cellular” which I really enjoyed. This one was a bit more ‘introspective.’ Or ‘too self-involved by half.’ However, in between the somewhat whiny philosophizing he does spend a very adequate and much appreciated time showing off the results of what must be hours in the gym, as you can see here (click on the thumbnails to make Chris grow a bit):




(Wouldn’t you like to make him that extatic?)

That’s all for now, I know I know, I should be more regular. I’ll try fiber.

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  1. Sorry so silent lately. We have been slammed, and I’m working every day trying to find used books for resale. I haven’t even seen the new Chuck yet! Sorry about the ice storm (I remember being in a very scary one when I was a child in New York), but congrats on the acquisition of Bob, a great name for a car no matter where it derived! πŸ˜‰

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