Our Last Three Day Weekend

For quite awhile, unless we take vacation days. So what did C & I do, you breathlessly ask? Well, actually we had a great time.

Friday & Saturday

Friday we left work, came home, packed and drove to Ocean City, Maryland. We don’t normally go there; more on that later. The traffic was very heavy through Annapolis and across the Severn River Bridge but apparently that’s normal. After we crossed over the bridge we did fine. Bob’s navigation system had us go a very strange way, out on US 50 to MD 404, and then through all these little Delaware towns. It seemed to take forever, but only because I couldn’t really put the pedal to the metal. (Mind you even on 50 you can’t; I got my very first speeding ticket coming back from Ocean City in like 1991.)

However, we decided to ignore our good friends’ advice and go to a restaurant I picked for dinner. The restaurant shall only be named on request as it might have been an ‘off’ night. Whatever it was, the food was revolting. The ‘Maryland Crab Soup’ was hard core salt broth, with bits of crab floating around in it, shocked and horrified even in death. Most of the rest of the ‘seafood’ was fried frozen battered cheap crap you could get at any grocery store, except I have to say some decent cod which, once you liberated it from its slick of buttery glop, wasn’t a crime to put on your plate. There was some very dubious pizza and some edible ribs and things for non-seafood eaters. C got some meat off the carvery station and I can’t tell whether it was recklessness or bravery or a combination of both that made him finish it. Food should have an aroma, not an odor.

The desserts were hilarious. The cakes were iced but the color of the icing and the cake it graced? hid? had nothing to do with each other as everything tasted relentlessly of sugar. Chocolate-coloured sugar, vanilla-coloured sugar, ’twas all the same. C got some of his favourite desserts, rice pudding. Rice pudding should be made with milk and rice and seasonings like sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon, either simmered or baked. What was put out on the buffet line was vanilla pudding from a mix with some cooked rice stirred in. The sugar cookie was nice though. Must have been a good day for the badly-trained chimps that cook there.

The other thing was the atmosphere. As I said above, we don’t go often to Ocean City. I often feel betwixt and between. I. probably e. a snob. This was a bit downmarket from what I’m used to (though the prices weren’t – dinner for two without any booze at all came to $70), with lots of people in ripped t-shirts and baseball caps worn indoors (and quelle horreur no soup spoons or fish knives!). I felt like I didn’t really belong; I could feel myself looking down my nose at people.

But then when we go to a very upscale place I feel intimidated a bit, like I don’t really belong. I worry if I look okay, if I smell okay, if my clothing is okay, or good enough for everyone else who always look so self-confident, tanned, and gorgeous. I feel like I don’t really belong; I can feel myself looking down in front of the other people. That’s what I mean by betwixt and between. I sabotage so many good times that way.

815781463_480x360_wide1But not always, one of my favourite places to eat is the Canopy in Glen Burnie (gotta love that pit beef) which is decidedly not Chez Snooty. Of course I’ve never been to the Inn at Little Washington to see if I could fit in there so I don’t know about really high-end places but the few I’ve been to I’ve enjoyed too.

The hotel we stayed in was unique. First we had to get past the front desk person, who scratched her ‘itchy’ legs in front of us (apparently an ocean view and fleas were included) and couldn’t quite help smirking when she remarked that ‘oh, you two guys want a king size bed?’ Grrr. The hotel surrounds an atrium-like affair with a pool and hot tub and lots of parrots and birds in cages for a vaguely tropic of chlorine effect. The pool sure was popular with kids and parents and who could blame them, but the generous heating made the room so warm, we had to sleep (together in our king size bed) with the balcony door open just so we didn’t wind up swimming in a pool of our own perspiration. And this in 40 degree weather. The view was very nice the next morning, the sunrise over the ocean is always beautiful. Or so I am told; I’m never up quite that early. Breakfast at the Dough Roller, which was not bad.

We drove up to Rehoboth after but didn’t stop. The same old story; thronged with enough people to make it impossible to park. I’m such a suburban kiddie; I don’t want to park my car blocks and blocks away from anything, I never have change for meters, and I’m cr*p at parallel parking anyway. We did go to the outlets and I got some clothing.

We wound up at our good friends K&D&J’s house on Kent Island. They invited us in for dinner which was one of the high points of the mini-break.

Sunday and Monday

Well, we did a little shopping, some surfing, and C pruned the pear trees in front of the house. Korean for lunch yesterday, kebabs at a new place today. It’s called The Food Factory. I liked it but I have to find out if Espionage Kebabs is ‘okay’ for me to go to as I’ve not found a kebab house I’ve liked as well. The Food Factory has good food but it’s pricy for what you get and the dining room was so quiet C & I couldn’t really talk, if you know what I mean. I think I’d go back but for their buffet.

Speaking of Buffets

The revolting buffet on Friday meant I didn’t feel ‘right’ about going to the Brasilian Churrascaria which I love today, or the above-mentioned buffet which I would have loved today. What a waste. If you ever have a chance I’d highly recommend churrascarias. Mmmm lots of beefy goodness there.

Speaking of Buff Beefy Goodness

Here’s two pictures of Matus Valent, looking at himself, and looking at you looking at him…



He and I are Facebook Friends now so I expect he’ll be over for dinner and such with C and me in the near future. (No, I’m not that naive. Do you know to type ‘naive’ I have to type ‘Evian’ backwards as I can never spell it otherwise.)

As promised



Here are thumbnails of the car we traded in, and the car we bought. Quite a different sort of vehicle, right? I’m getting more and more used to Bob’s size and height and I can drive him around easier and easier each day.

I’m sure it’ll prove its usefulness as either winter and snows come back, or spring trips to the garden centre get on our schedule.

Back to work

Back to work tomorrow, yipee. I wish I could continue to get paid but not have to actually go in unless I wanted to. I’m sure that’s unique to me, nobody else thinks that way. What do you think, Mr. Evans, is there a way to arrange this?


(He can’t work out a way either)

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