A wrinkle

Today threw a wrinkle in my plans! We had about four inches of snow here and that closed work (yeay!). But C still had to go in, and that was very early this morning. Luckily Bob, dependable thing that he is, got me and him down to the Metro station and me back safely. Since then I’ve baked two loaves of raisin bread, and…um…not much else.

So I still haven’t arranged the pages I’ve promised, and of course, with Fort Meade being closed, I’ve also not been able to get to the gym today. Probably by the end of tomorrow I’ll have it done and up.



Not a lot. Yesterday C and I sat around the house and stumbled on Top Gear on BBC America. Well, that was the end of any productive work on our parts! I’d never seen the show before; if you can get it, I strongly suggest you watch it, unless it’s a marathon and you’ve got other things to do. And beware you don’t become besotted with cute presenter Richard “hamster” Hammond, who as you can see is a pocket rocket like the hot hatches he reviews (and occasionally puts cows upon). Although he never gets really large, you can click on him to see his quirkily handsome face in full size. Shades of David Tennant.

Today I’ve been baking and um…listening to Jacques Brel on You Tube. I’d heard his name before, but never really listened to his music. It’s really good – very passionate. Here’s a link to a video of him singing “Port d’Amsterdam” – listen to how he builds and builds and builds the intensity (don’t worry, it’s got subtitles):

Today’s Sip of Šebrle

Today’s sip of Roman Šebrle shows him getting ready to do the pole vault. See the concentration and ability in him; today, being a bit depressed about it all, I don’t feel inspired as much as vaguely wistful.


(How can he work so hard and look so angelic at the same time?)

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  1. I hate when weather gets in the way of plans! Hopefully, you’ll be back on track soon. I love Top Gear! My favorite episode was when they all three picked a car to drive across the desert in Africa. It was completely ridiculous, but highly entertaining. Oh, and Gordon Ramsey was a great guest too. I think they are all very cute in their various versions of masculinity.

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