A Shocking Lack

A shocking lack of eye candy here at the gym and worst of all my ‘game’ was off too. I only managed 30 minutes and not very fast either. I really don’t know why – it was mental, I think, although it might be time to replace my shoes too, as my plates do hurt a bit. Although not as much as my battered knee – that’s bone on bone lately, in certain positions.

To be honest I am a little down about this; I don’t see any improvement and frankly I’m going backward slightly since Christmas. I think today it didn’t help that I got here so late nut, really, that’s more of am excuse. I’ll try to do better Friday. One thing I will do is stop this “interval” I think – I think 60 minutes even at a slow pace would be better but before I decide I’ll do a bit of checking. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Also welcome was the reappearance of Happy Dave after quite some time. Unless subconsciously it made me feel inadequate or alienated. I dunno.

Who’m I kidding – I’m really down & despondent. I hate to stop early and I’m unhappy that I felt such an overwhelming desire to and even more unhappy that I gave in to it. I’m scared that this is the beginning of the end of me on the gym and any/all hope to ever lose weight.

Did I mention that I’m really down?

No eye candy for now – more ‘un-cyborglike’ pics of Matus to come. And more inspiring ones of Roman too.


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4 responses to “A Shocking Lack

  1. Karen

    Sorry to hear you were feeling down yesterday. Hope today is better. One thing that helps me stay on the treadmill is covering up the display. The time seems to go quicker if I am not watching each and every second as it goes by.

    I’m trying to build up to 90 minutes a day and get my speed back up to 3 mph. Tuesday I managed 3 miles in 80 minutes; last night it took 85 minutes and my feet were really sore when I was done. Ideally I’d like to walk 45 minutes before work and 45 minutes after dinner. I got up early today and managed to pull my lazy you-know-what out of the bed and treadmill for 20 minutes. It’s so hard for me to stay out of the bed or off the couch when hubby is there looking so cuddle-able.

    Sorry for such a long post.

  2. Karen

    Ninety minutes is a goal – I haven’t managed it yet. And weekends are the biggest challenge.

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