Didn’t Take Long

It didn’t take long before I blasted over my point allowance and ate into my flex points. C & I went to Sardi’s Peruvian chicken restaurant yesterday for dinner and I got half a chicken with yucca and black beans. Oh, dear. Still I think they lace it with crack because it’s so addictive.

After that we went to Costco to fill up on meats and things – we’d never really looked round the place before, normally just heading straight for the back where the lamb roasts and chickens are kept cold, but last night we did. Pretty good bargains, especially compared to Peapod who normally delivers our groceries. And they do say that thrift is the new extravagance, while showing off conspicuous consumption is about as out of place as a belch at a state dinner.

But I did go over with no exercise beyond walking around Costco to balance it, so I’ll have to be even more careful today and for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, two wrinkles in my plans have already appeared. The first is that we’re planning on going out to dinner this evening, which is a challenge. And the second, well, I really don’t mind the second wrinkle:

He’s back!

Yes, my good friend lieutenant colonel K is back from his deployment in Iraq, with all his bits intact, and we’re getting together for lunch tomorrow (well, it’s scheduled at least). He was the first person I came out to in a long long time and he (as mentioned earlier) was great about it; he invited C and me to his house as a couple for a big pig roast and brought his family to ours twice for dinner. I’m just glad he’s back safely, as you can imagine.

March mood swings

The spring advances and receeds, making us wonder if we should dress for warm or for cold. From the 70’s Sunday (and forecast for today) to the mid 40’s for tomorrow. Jacket or t-shirt? Coat or short sleeves? Matus Valent here has a solution; he’s ready for the ski slopes and the beach!




(Nice of him to have started with the jeans)


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2 responses to “Didn’t Take Long

  1. Karen

    I’m glad your friend is back from Iraq!!! It seems like just last week he was deployed.

    I was thinking Sardi’s for FNC this week, but don’t want to tempt you if that’s not a good place for you/your points. What place works best?

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