Not necessarily a bad weekend

I guess that’s not such a bad title, huh? And it sums up this weekend.

Friday (let’s start there, shall we), our chums and C and I met at crack chicken central, i.e., Sardi’s in semi-beautiful downtown Beltsville, MD. Only I didn’t have chicken, I had the shrimp which was heavenly. I was trying to ‘do well’ because earlier I’d been to a ‘hail and farewell’ at the office and there were a few snacks and maybe I had a beer. 🙂 It was strange to see my boss choke up because of one of the employees from our office who was leaving. Also, handsome first lieutenant M. P. got an award for something so that was good too. People who are arriving get a ‘coveted’ Division East coffee mug, those leaving get whatever their office bought them, any awards due them, and our best wishes.

Saturday C got me off my well padded and to the gym which was good because for the first time in ages I was able to do 60 minutes again. And yes, I took a friend’s suggestion and covered up the time with a towel and it did help a bit. The other thing that helped was not watching The Real Housewives on my iPhone but listening to Fitness Rocks, a fantastic podcast that you can also listen to on your Mac (or that other system that’s out there, Windoze, I think). It’s really good. I thoroughly recommend it.

Watched “In My Country” later on – it’s a bit clichéd and heavy-handed. If you want the complexities of the end of apartheid and the doings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission served up in a pretty package for you to feel good about, it’s great. Otherwise, not so much. I may try to find “Forgiveness” to see if it’s got a better take. The idea of a TRC was great, victims could tell their tales and the agents of repression (police, BOSS and the NIS, and the SADF) had to tell the truth and prove they were politically motivated and/or ating on orders to get amnesty from prosecution. However, it did mean that plenty of murderers and torturers and such are still free and going about in SA today. On the other hand, plenty of MK terrorists are too. But I think that Ubuntu may not stand up if Zuma becomes president and keeps on singing Umshini Wami.

Today was very very lazy. I left the house once, to go get us lunch from Burger King (I love their veggie burger). I did post a bunch of pictures to my facebook and to Flikr and found out that it can feed them to this here blog (see the sidebar).

That’s honestly about it, I’ve no profound thoughts except that I’m really pleased to have come in under my points for the week, and that I’m a bit nervous about weighing myself tomorrow morning as I’ve made this pledge about openness and all that. <gulp> For now, that’s all I have to get off my chest. I’m glad Roman Šebrle found something to get off his chest!

Roman Sebrle shirtless

Roman Sebrle shirtless

(No little comment today – I’m speechless)

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