Monday Greys

Just a quick note to let you know that we are still, in the DC area at least, basking in grey skies, intermittent chilly rain, and general gloom. However, it’s not a tornado, hurricane, terrible flood, forest fire, or other grim happening so I guess it’s laying the ground work for a florid spring. I sure hope so at least.

I’m off to my doctor’s office to see about a nasty thingy on my leg and to get the results from my latest blood work. And I have to confess I’m a bit nervous.

On the other hand…

On the other hand, I’ve reason to smile – over the last week I lost 4.2 lbs. 🙂 Roman Šebrle here shows you just how I felt when getting off the scales!


Roman celebrates

Roman celebrates


(Can’t you feel his triumph? Wouldn’t you like to feel it some more?)

(Newsflash! The most salient numbers from my visit are:  Blood pressure 122 / 60, glucose 98, cholesterol 198, triglyceride 119, HDL 43, LDL 131, but there are signs of some anemia; more to come when I can analyze them. By the way, lab tests online is excellent for checking what the numbers mean.)


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6 responses to “Monday Greys

  1. Karen

    Congrats on the great numbers!!! Especially the 4+ pounds lost. My “official” weigh in day is Wednesday and I’ve been stuck for weeks; I’m hoping for at least 1 pound loss tomorrow.

  2. Yay, you! I would love some grey weather. It is too warm here by far. Good job on the weight loss. It is still progress for sure.

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