I Could See it Coming

Despite my lets face it not very best efforts, I gained 0.2 of a pound this week. I should have seen this coming; I overate nearly every day. I got bursitis which meant no walking most of the week, until the doc gave me a cortisone jab and cleared it all up. I’m surprised it was only 0.2. This week will go better, if I have to grit my teeth (and keep them clamped closed!).

In other news, and it’s been a while, Friday my chums and I went to go to a Mongolian BBQ but when they got there, the advance party saw a mouse running around the inside of the restaurant. Although they valiantly offered to go in if we insisted on it, it was easy to tell that they didn’t really want to. I didn’t either. I mean, it’s one thing to know the hypothetical truth that there are always mice and roaches in restaurants, and another thing to be prevented from disacknowledging that knowledge.  Blekh. So we went to Don Pablo’s and hurrah C found a meal he could eat. Apparently I was brusque with the waitress though; I seem to be being brusque more often which is odd as I’m not feeling irritated more often. I should work on my charm or at least nonbrusquicity.

Previously I ran to the doctor’s to get a cortisone jab for my bursitis. I am so glad he figured out what was causing really quite severe knee pain in me and was able to clear it right up. I do hope that the underlying inflammation will go away before the shot wears off. I know that cortisone has side effects, and some quite serious over a lifetime of use but it really is amazing how fast and thoroughly it works. I was advised to ice my knee after exercising, and to find good stretching exercises to do before; I found these:


Saturday we did very little, although C did buy some trellises or whatever they’re called for us to train our climbing plants on. I do like our passion flowers – yes, you can grow them in the chilly or humid Mid-Atlantic. They’re tiny but they look so tropical. I hope they get nice and abundant this year – I even want to try nibbling on their fruit. Thenwe went to our good friends’ for dinner and had a great time, although I ate more than I should have and I stayed longer than I should have.

Sunday I finally went back to the gym (whoo hoo!), didn’t quite make 60 minutes and had no entertaining eye candy to watch. I did have Chuck on my iPod, despite my resolve to listen to Fitness Rocks. Oh, well; I have 4 episodes of Chuck on my DVDR and I need to watch them. I also have two movies from netflix that I need to watch. Darn that internet porn for taking so much of my time! C also put the new rubbers on Bob, rubber protective floor mats that is. He seems happy about them. These are the third set of rubber floormats we’ve bought for various cars (the Passat, the Avalon and now the Pilot) but only the first we’ve actually installed. At least I stayed below points that day. So that’s something to celebrate, like Roman Šebrle here:


Czech Roman Celebrating

(I’d rather see him coming than my weight gain…)


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2 responses to “I Could See it Coming

  1. Karen

    I’m sure your friends did not mind how late you stayed. And I hear she tried to plan a points-friendly meal. 🙂

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