Halfway Through

We’re halfway through the weekend and it’s been an eventful one. Friday was a big glum. I lazed off working out which was a big mistake. However, our regularly scheduled activity, dinner with friends, was cancelled and that always throws me off. I don’t ‘do’ change. However, I put the time to good use, watching TV . I did catch up on one of the episodes of Chuck on my DVR, as well as this past week’s Real Housewives of New York. I do love me my Housewives. If anyone’s interested, I comment on them on Friends of Reality TV.  I think they’re fun. But oh, did I overeat, in a spirit of rebelliousness, at the crack chicken joint. Thing is they have great fried rice, but I keep ‘forgetting’ that they put rice under the carne asado, so that’s a double starch whammy. Oh, and the left-over cake at work didn’t help. I hate it when people bring in cake like they did for the day before’s going away luncheon. And this was good cake too with proper butter cream icing, not that fluffy coloured Cool Whip. I love it but I hate it. I’m glad it’s all gone.

Today dawned, I guess, early. Not bright because it’s been dull and rainy all day. C and I went to Panera for brekkies, another bit of a mistake as I had one of their breakfast souflées which are full of fat. Notice a pattern here? I went off to the gym to work out, pretty eager actually, but when I got there I couldn’t find my water bottle. Rather than risk a cramp, I basically lazed off with some good reason and came back to Panera where C was waiting.

We had a…discussion…about some issues, and it wasn’t all that pretty for a while, but we got back to our usual loving selves in pretty good time. I’m so glad because I really feel desolate inside when I squabble with him. And this one was a bit longer than usual. 😦 At least it wasn’t in public.

Then it was off to one of three garden centers to get some plants for around the garden. C loves gardening and I love the results. Bob is proving his worth daily. C’s feet were muddy as heck from the first place (Patuxent Nursery) in Bowie, Maryland, and the new rubber floor mats work like champs – when the weather gets warmer we’ll just pop them out and hose them off. The only fly in the ointment is that the pins keeping them in place are a bit delicate so we’ve to be careful putting them in and taking them out. The plants he bought there (candytufts and…something) fit in the back and the rubber mat there would have kept things tidy or at least cleanable if they tipped.

Then through the back roads (Patuxent Bridge Road if you’re local) to snobbier Homestead Gardens in well-heeled Davidsonville, Maryland. There are some huge homes in Davidsonville; the median price is about $330,000, which means that half of the houses there cost more. It’s sort of faux-farm country, with horsey type people looking down out of gigantic windows onto their massive lots, and hoping the maid will come soon so they don’t have to clean the whole place themselves. Homestead’s prices are easily twice Patuxent’s, but they have a bigger selection (by a tiny bit) and a non-gardeners’ parking area (a small coffee shop).

We had lunch in Crofton at a new kebab house. It’s okaaay, but I’m not in a hurry to go back. The servings are small, the kofta kebab was overly spiced and the whole thing has repeated on me since.

We’ve never found a place to rival Espiokababs. Back story: ‘Gourmet Shish Kebab’ in Laurel was run by an Iraqi couple and it is fantastic. The food is oh so good, the servings generous, the selection enormous. Mmmmm it was a treat! However, that whacky Iraqi was recently arrested and pled guilty to being an undisclosed agent for the government of Saddam Hussein, and facilitated shady meetings of Iraqi officials, which may have taken place at the table next to us (although I never noticed). So I’m on the horns of a dilemma.

On the one hand, I should boycott the place because, well, he was an enemy spy. And my dad says, though I’ve been unable to verify, that some of the information could have been used in attacks on Army bases here in the US (like where I work) since he apparently went to Fort Belvoir to ‘sneak around.’ I wonder though – he was excessively fat and immobile working the register; I don’t think I ever saw him move.

On the other hand, as somebody on urban spoon pointed out, espionage kinda lends an air of authenticity to a Middle Eastern restaurant. And of course, his wife owns the place and he pled guilty in a plea bargain. If he gets deported back to Baghdad (ironic, huh?) I guess it will close. That’s supposed to happen quite soon. So we shall see. But the food really was good.

From there across the county and through Laurel (stopping at the Sports Authority to buy a new water bottle and some new shoes for C) to Behnke’s Nursery in Beltsville. It’s a sort of mid-range place, but it’s got an awfully loyal following.

On the way home I swung by Starbucks for a latte and (more of the pattern) an expresso fat bomb brownie. Home to a nap, from six to nine. So far, unsurprisingly, I’ve not felt hungry for dinner. Which is good since I don’t have the points for it! I daren’t have any snacks tonight, not even my usual Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. I’ve only myself to blame though. This posting things on the web is really working to keep me if not honest, then at least partially so.

But all is not beer and skittles

So let’s all keep the parents of the world in our prayers and thoughts. They’ve a tough job and no instruction booklet.

Today’s eye candy

Is Cowboy Matus Valent. I don’t think there are many cowboys in Slovakia so he’s adapted well to his new surroundings:



mvcowboy2 mvcowboy3

(I’d definitely save a horse, wouldn’t you?)


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5 responses to “Halfway Through

  1. Okay, I’m lol at the save a horse comment! How interesting about your local Middle Eastern restaurant. We had a great Lebanese one here, but it just plain closed down :(, no espionage or anything.

  2. Keith

    Ok – you’ve convinced me – i think i’m now in love with Matus

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