Dies Horribilis

It’s been a bit of a dies horribilis, a day of horrors. First off, I seem to have a bit of a toothache, which is never fun. I rinsed with Listerine and it seems to be hurting a bit less.

Then I missed the gym yet again due to laziness and upset.

We did accomplish one thing, we got our trip to Seattle and Spokane booked, or at least the airline tickets. We’re going out to (a) see the Northwest and (b) see an old friend of mine with whom I worked at the First Maintenance Battalion in Böblingen, Germany, from about 1984 to 1985. He made a tremendous impression on me as a great person with whom I really hit it off. I ran into him on Facebook, and he said he felt the same, that I was one of the few people in his 46 years he’d care to keep in touch with and not forget.

So that was nice.

Sorry, I need to load my points before tomorrow’s end. I did lose weight this week, a whole fifth of a pound. This cannot go on.

I should take a page from Matus Valent’s book; he is back in his gym for training and it’s his birthday today (20 Apr). In honor of the warm weather where he is (not here!) here’s a birthday set of the Slovak Stunner, wet and beach or poolside:






(Would you blow out his birthday candle?)


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2 responses to “Dies Horribilis

  1. I am sorry to hear about your mum. It is hard to keep a happy face in situations like that. I will say a prayer for her.

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