Lazy Days and Sundays Always Make Me Sigh

Yes, a lazy Sunday and rainy too, a combination which would stop the Bunny in its tracks.

A whole week of happy fun times for me to catch you up on. And as so often, not much to report. The workweek dragged on slowly, despite two different doctor’s appointments. Well, one was my counsellor. C came along with me and we talked about my food issues and how he doesn’t need to enable them. I think it was a lot for him to take in but I love him for being willing. Thursday was with my doctor for my stasis ulcer. I get there at noon on time for my appointment and was seen at 12:45. Everything’s going fine but they insisted I need to wear the compression stockings socks. Actually when I get them on right, and not too far up my leg so they squish my knees, they feel really nice.

Saturday we bought another pair, these ones “white person flesh coloured” which hopefully I can wear with sandles without looking like a dork. I am not sure about shorts, which is a big shame because I love wearing them, but my legs, even with the enormous bandage on them aren’t too cool. Also, I think that even with the flesh coloured knee high socks I’d look either like I had dead legs, a dreaded skin disease, or artificial pins. What do you think?

Friday my chums and I went to a great restaurant in Laurel for sushi, which is very good as far as weight watchers points go, I think it’s because it’s hardly processed and very low in fat and moderately high in fiber. And of course it tastes so good. I exercised some self control and only had 38 pieces, which now that I look at it seems a lot. But filling as it was it was still only 17 points. That’s three danish (remember the other week?) pastries. Which weren’t filling.

Saturday we had a big lunch at Squisito in Edgewater. I always order chicken parmigiana and never finish it and bring most home. I love it with gnocchi. Mmmm gnocchi.

Tick tick tick tick

Sixty minutes, right? Well at the gym on Thursday I was finally up to sixty minutes! Between now and 4:30 tomorrow I need to make my weight training routine according to the book and advice I’d been given from various and sundry. Wish me luck re-re-reconquoring my fear of the weight room. Yes, it’s all back again.

Tock tock tock

Clocks wind down. I’ve not, through a combination of laziness and … well … laziness, been back to the gym since.

The little swine

Are going to kill us all, or maybe not. Have you been affected by swine flu, or H1N1 as the pork industry would have us call it? We’ve not, except that it’s impossible to find hand sanitizing wipe tissues in the local drug stores. We’ve had a few cases in Maryland, but I’m certainly not that worried and after a reassuring article in the WaPo, I’m even less worried. (The idea is that there’s been lots and lots of cases of this flu in Mexico and so the death rate is about what it normally is for any normal flu that we don’t panic about. After all, every year we see 36,000 deaths from seasonal flu, although of course we do mostly get vaccinated against it. 443,000 deaths are attributable to smoking every year. I’m saying all this and I’m pretty panicky! I have been washing my hands a bit more, and for longer, but that’s about it.

Washington. Mutual?

No, it’s not a reference to the economy and the recession, which will impoverish us all, or mabye not. An interesting question, if you employ one, is whether or not your financial advisor forecast this recession. And if not, have you considered firing her?

You may think it would be unfair to, but would you hire David Lereah? He wrote a book on how to get rich in the dot com revolution, just before the dot com bust, and how to make money in the real estate boom that would never end, just before it did. (To be fair, he was touting the real estate boom while he was president of the National Association of Realtors.)

Would you rehire Phil Gramm or any other deregulator who would again exempt huge sectors of Wall Street from any oversight, any safeguards, any adult supervision, just because of either ideological conviction, naiveté, or corruption? (Michael Steele’d like you to.)

The American Enterprise Institute still keeps Kevin Hasset on as the Director of Economic Policy Studies, nogal, even though he co-wrote the book all of Bush’s plans were based on, “Dow 36,000.” (That was why privatizing Social Security was such a good idea. And ol’ Kev still prattles on about how it’s all the Democrats’ fault (the crypto-racist blaming of the mess on African-American mortgagees no longer sells, I guess). I guess there is some reason to have faith in the free market. His book’s best price on Amazon is one cent.

Why do these guys still have jobs and so many other people don’t?

No, not partisan bickering

But a request for a recommendation on where to go when we visit Washington State next month. We’re flying in to Seattle and driving to Spokane to see an old Army buddy of mine, and out from Spokane. We’d like to see one volcano, preferably Mount St. Helens, and I’d love to see Leavenworth, a fake Alpine village. Any other recommendations? I don’t want to overly burden my old buddy so I’m trying only to stay one or two nights there, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t say no to driving as far east from Spokane as Montana (across the Idaho panhandle). I’m still a bit flabberghasted by all this – how it was arranged so quick when I refound the guy on Facebook. He runs a comic book chain in Spokane. You should visit his stores and buy comic books from him.

Time to Say Goodbye

Annoyingly sang Sara Brightman, but she had a point. It’s time to say goodbye to Roman Šebrle and hello to our new obsession (his eyes are above). Now who is he? Well, here’s a clue: He’s very flexible, from an inflexible country, and can speak four languages…..

All this means we must say good bye to Mr. Šebrle, shown here with some of his footgear. Did he inspire you?


More changes?

Yes, we’re also saying au revoir to our mini obsession Matus Valent, who I have to say, is a great guy at least on Facebook. We turn our eyes now south, to Brazil (well, it’s always Brazil, isn’t it) and a nearly too pretty model called Gilmar Rodrigues, which I’m told in English means Gilmar Rodrigues. Have a look and see what you think:

grtool1 grtool3

grtool4 grtool2

(Pretty or not, he looks like he could be handy with a tool)
(Pretty or not, he seems to handle his wood well)
I couldn’t decide.

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