No Takers?

No guesses as to who the new guy is? Hmmm should I spill the beans or not?


I’m two pounds smaller, thanks to faithfully eating better, some exercising and my C’s encouragement and support. Thanks, C! I love you!

For those who pay attention to such things, yes, I’ve not updated my points on my blog in a while and I certainly haven’t analyzed them properly. I will, by the end of this week, I promise.


The swine, er, H1N1, flu seems to be spreading slower than previously feared and also that it’s less deadly than thought. Well, that’s good, isn’t it?


I wish the rain would cut it out, I’m getting sick of worrying that if I stand still too long, I’ll grow moss or mold or something. Where I park my car there always seems to be a tree that sheds little seed pods. When it’s dry they just blow off but when it’s wet they seem to cement their annoying selves to my windshield, where they get either shoved to the side by the wipers, or worse yet, they somehow get under the wipers, leaving a long bead of water curving across my field of vision. Lovely. At least the pollen’s gone – we had so much last week that after a mild sprinkle of rain, great yellow rivers of the stuff were flowing down the gutters leaving swooping patterns as the water evaporated. Meanwhile, those same damned pods which land on sidewalks get ground down and become black and damp and squashed and people trek them inside. And there are permapuddles everywhere, and we may not see the sun until Wednesday. I bet the farmers, who are used to arguing for subsidies on the basis of drought, will be on TV soon arguing for rain support. See, we’re probably not going to actually have floods around here – the rain is too intermittent and light for that, just day after pseudo-English day of damp, drizzle and grey. I’m reminded of the third verse of “Le Plat Pays” by Jacques Brel:

Avec un ciel si bas qu’un canal s’est pendu
Avec un ciel si bas qu’il nous fait l’humilité
Avec un ciel si gris qu’il faut lui perdonner
Avec un ciel si gris qu’un canal s’est perdu

Well, I don’t feel like forgiving the sky just yet but I guess I could use some humility. Don’t know why there’s a canal hanging up there, or lost but, please, excuse my French. (You should listen to the song, by the way, it’s a very heartfelt and humble song about the flat country which is his own Belgium. The ability to be proud of something small and flat is heroic against some culture’s insistence on global reach and empires of long ago.)

Okay, okay, here he is

Our new obsession, and due to the paucity of pics for him it will be short, is none other than the Swiss 2002 world aerobics champion, model and tease Nick Beyeler. I’ll post some videos of the man soon enough but when you see them you’ll swear they’re special effects; his body functions as a spring. He’s doing more modelling now and with this lovely pic of him you’ll see why:


Not to leave out Gilmar Rodrigues

He’d be so handy to have around…




(Can you think of any odd jobs you’d have him for? How odd?)


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2 responses to “No Takers?

  1. Hey AngloAm,

    Nick and Gilmar are certainly cute, but what is with the clippered or should one say “man-scaped” chest hair?!?! I hate it when guys do that!

    Anyway – great to hear of your weightloss progress – love the whinge about the weather – the southern UK has been milk of magnesia sky all day though no actual rain – yet. Apparently we’re even going to get a Summer this year (phnar!)

    More pics/vids of Nick please and tell Gilmar to pull his bloody trousers up – ok, don’t 😉

    • Yeah, I know about the ‘man-scaping’ and if I were King of the World, it’d be illegal. I’ve never touched man-scaped hair – is it all prickly and unnatural? More of both are coming, including some of G. making the most effective use of wet shorts in history.

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