What a “Waisted” Day

it was.

Waist-ed, first, as I’m now 4.2 lbs lighter than I was last Monday. Thank you to C and my friends for all your support.

Wasted, second, because I was supposed to go to a medical appointment for a set of tests (venous and arterial Doppler studies for those who are interested). I’d double checked and verified all that I needed, only to be told at 8:00 this morning that they couldn’t do all the tests I need (they couldn’t do the venous one to rule out venous insufficiency). I had already gotten my mind set for most of the day off, so I went ahead and took it, rescheduled the one they could do for a few weeks, and will worry about the others tomorrow.

Since then I’ve wasted most of the day. I have to leave in a few minutes to go to the grocery store prior to going to DC and picking C up. I feel like the whole day has gone…someplace. I did put it to somewhat good use; I watched….

A movie you should watch

It’s called “Kiss Me Deadly” and it was made by the Here! TV network. It stars dreamy Robert Gant, from “Save Me” and “Queer

Robert Gant in Kiss Me Deadly

Robert Gant in Kiss Me Deadly

as Folk” as the cinematic world’s very first gay spy. It’s not campy, it’s played very seriously, and there is indeed violence, intrigue, mayhem, secret agents, and a vast fortune at stake. Shannon Dougherty and John Rhys-Davis are also in the film which won’t win any prizes for accuracy (I never figured out where it was – it was set in Milan, Zuerich and Berlin but obviously not filmed there. I would never have guessed where it was filmed. Hint: Gay rugby star Ian Roberts didn’t have to fly very far to get to this country.) I really enjoyed it, even the obligatory “behind the scenes” where everyone talks about how wonderful everyone was to work with. Listening to that sort of thing you kinda get a hint that there are so many Hollywood divorces because everyone bottles up their aggression from work, while pretending to love everyone else. The only time I ever heard anything different was in the “behind the scenes” from Myra Breckenridge, where Raquel Welch didn’t hide her disdain for the movie and everyone (else) involved in it. As they say, at least she was honest!

Anyway, I really wish this kind of film had been around when I was a young ‘un. Gays were either suicidal or homicidal, or major league fruits. All of us were troubled, or Nancy Boys who needed a big strong straight man to defend them (“Partners”) or were doomed to death, either their own or somebody elses (“Cruising” and others, too many to count). We had no heros, we had no role models of people like us who were firemen or spies or soldiers or cops or private detectives or athletes. It was taken for a given that we couldn’t be any of those. Apparently the DoD is the last bastion of this dangerous nonsense. I don’t know, I don’t like to think I’d have been any different, except maybe, maybe I’d be a little more at ease with myself, a little more confident, and possibly a little more prone to toss a ball around in the back yard.

More to come

Including the ever promised, never seen points, pants and pounds updates, if not tonight then tomorrow evening. Meanwhile in addition to the dreamy Robert Gant, above, I leave you with this quick movie of our newest mini-man, the equally dreamy (but maybe not the same kind of dream) Gilmar Rodrigues. I know, I know, after waiting a week you were hoping, you felt you deserved, a nice set of Nick Beyeler, but the day’s half gone and I have errands to run. 😦 Sorry.


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2 responses to “What a “Waisted” Day

  1. Hey, Paul! Congrats on the weight loss! Good for you! Sounds like a movie to check out for sure. I do love Robert Gant. Did you watch American Idol at all this year? I think Chris totally looks like Hal Sparks. If you ever want to check out his reviews, a childhood friend of mine is a movie reviewer now in New York. His name is Nathan Lee. He is on my facebook if you want to check him out.

  2. Thanks! I don’t watch Idol so I’ll have to check it out. Isn’t Robert perfect? C has a ‘thing’ for Hal Sparks so he’ll have to check Chris out too. I will look up Nathan Lee. 🙂

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