Servicing Bob


I keep having to say that I’m not dead, don’t I?

Capsule version: Week was okay-ish diet-wise but Friday and Sunday I overate a bit so I’m dreading weigh-in tomorrow (Monday). And the next few days will be a challenge as I’m in a training class in DC so eating out for lunch, etc., and will not be able to go to the gym as much either.

Saturday we got Bob his very first service at the dealer in Westminster, MD, where we bought him. Afterward we went for a surprisingly nice drive through Carroll and Frederick Counties, through Taneytown and Union Bridge and other quaint Colonial villages. We also ascended Sugarloaf Mountain, which at about 1000′ isn’t much of a mountain, really but since it’s all alone above rolling hills, along with the mossy rocks and lichen, you get a rather good view of the surrounding areas:




We also visited the Monocacy River Acqueduct on the old B&O Canal which was suprisingly restful. We’ll go back to Sugarloaf and take a picnic soon.

Today we did SBA but C did cook some lovely velvety tender lamb chops with brussels sprouts.

Points? Walking?

Yes, I owe you them. No, I don’t have them today. Yes, I will soon.

Eye Candy?

You know I’d never ever deny you your eye candy!

Nick Beyeler showing the effects of some manscaping and what to do with a long red sheet of fabric:


(Lucky James Demitri!)

And of course our mini-obsession, Gilmar Rodrigues, continues apace, here he shows us just what can be done with a bentwood chair, a flimsy pair of long johns, and a caned bottom and back (click the little ones to make Gilmar grow before your very eyes!):




(Caned seat bottom, get your mind out of the gutter. I don’t know anything about Mr. Rodrigues’s personal tastes!)


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2 responses to “Servicing Bob

  1. My goodness! Those are some amazingly gorgeous scenery shots! I envy you that trip! And the eye candy ain’t bad either! ;p Don’t lose hope. I’m realizing it just has to be long term change. One weekend of overeating, just needs to be followed by a week of more restraint. Easy for me to say; I really blew it last night with 5 taquitos covered with cheese and a mixture of refried beans, salsa and more melted cheese.

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