Sort of A Sunday

Today is sort of a Sunday so although I should post my weight change total I’m not posting it until tomorrow. Mainly because I’ve forgotten the number and it’s all the way upstairs and I can’t be bothered to go up. That, by the way, has been the theme of this week and weekend – disorientation and laziness….

At first

It was disorientation, plus a certain amount of feeling entitled to a break from ‘the rules.’ (Too bad body chemistry doesn’t know from breaks.) See I was in a class Monday-Thursday. It was a bit of a waste of time and a bit boring except for when it got needlessly dramatic due to one of the people in my work group. She’s what I’d call a passive-aggressive cow who belittled everyone else’s work (i.e., not just mine) while refusing to do any herself. Example: She said that we really should draw a graph to depict some data, then boldly refused to do it herself, then criticized its neatness. I mean, whatever. It was really tense on Wednesday; Thursday morning I just decided to be very nice and smile and say ‘yes’ to everything. I mean by that time the class was basically over; the last project didn’t even get presented or briefed or anything; we just had to pretend to be working on it. Your tax dollars at work! We were dismissed at 1:30 and I went up to the gym on Fort Meade, hoping that I’d not see anyone I knew!


Friday of course in the government was a bit of a no-go day; it was a ‘DONSA’ (Day Of No Scheduled Activity) so all the ‘green-suiters’ (military) were not there, my boss wasn’t there, her boss wasn’t there, and it was only GG and me in the office. We closed shop at 1400 and I went to the gym. Somewhere between letting myself in the office Friday morning with my key and pulling away from the gym, I misplaced my house and office keys. I’m pretty sure they’re still in the office, but not 100%. I rang the gym and they’d not been turned in. So I’ll know more on the morrow. Worst case will be a ‘reaming out’ from my boss, some paperwork to be filled in and having to go get new keys made. Oh, I expect that all the office locks will have to be changed. I really pray it doesn’t come to that. However, Friday evening was fun; dined with chums on crack chicken.

Saturday I slept most of the day. ‘Nuff said.

Sunday we bestirred ourselves enough to go have lunch and to get an overdue birthday present for my godson. Then we delivered said present to him and wound up staying for dinner. He’s smart, but very cynical. In his weltanschauung, everything, every institution, is BS and hypocritical and permanent. Religion (organized or otherwise), the government, corporations, the military, schools, all education in fact, are all just there to establish control and make money, and there is simply no arguing with him. He doesn’t believe that there any facts or reality external to perception; therefore, he has an easy out (“well it only seems to you that way because you think it is but nobody can really tell”), but quite a bit in common with post-modernists. Unfortunately he carries it to the point of solipsism. (You see the irony in that his materialism is couched in very idealistic terms.) In any event, I think he’d benefit from more education and challenge in the philosophical realism, sadly, to get there, he has to do well where he is now, with all of the challenges he’s now facing. I do worry that he will not get to the cream of what’s available for not wanting to do his time in the whey and curds of what is necessary.

And now, this odd day

We bestirred ourselves enough to get some bandages for my horrible stasis ulcer. It has to have medihoney on it (yes, honey, it’s honey-based) and then a gauze, and then a big adhesive bandage, and then a compression sock, and now the doctor wants me to also wrap the damned leg in a ace bandage. It’s hard to get the bandage just right; too tight and it’s unbearable, too loose and it doesn’t function. We’ve been wrapping it (we=C as I can’t quite reach) and it seems to be making a difference; the ulcer is healing even if ever so slightly. If it keeps on healing, I can talk the doctor out of forcing me to wear an Unna Boot, which would complicate showering immensely (you try showering without getting your leg wet!). So it’s vital, but not easy. As it is, El Doc and I will be having some ‘discussions’ about the trip to Seattle and Spokane; I’m sure he’ll have an opinion but the tickets and hotel and rental car are all booked and I’m going.

Yes, keeping dry in the shower is hard

As Nick Beyeler shows us in this set; gauzy wraps do little to keep one from dripping (click on the smaller pics to make him get bigger, just for you)….



(I wouldn’t look so sad to have his God-given…talents)


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2 responses to “Sort of A Sunday

  1. Hey, baby! Sorry I’ve been so remiss in getting online. That co-worker really does sound a passive-aggressive cow! I hope you find those keys. I have heard honey has great healing properties. My husband, Nick, has a nasty abscess on his elbow (it looks a bit like a growth on the elephant man), so you are not alone. He had to have it drained (swelled up huge in a mere 3 hours) and he is now on his third antibiotic in a month. It is stressing me out some. Glad you got to have some crack chicken! I would love some too. All the food around my house seems completely boring right now.

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