That Was Indeed The Week, That Was

Well, it was a half good, half horrible week.

The good

I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain a whole pound, just a bit. Monday it was so nice as I said to have C home with me. We got all our bookings for the trip to Washington State done. Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful. Friday night’s dinner with my friends was, as usual, very enjoyable. Saturday’s dinner with my parents was better for the company than the restaurant.

The bad

I had an interview with another organization on Fort Meade. Who’d interviewed me before but declined to hire my awesomeness. So here I was again. Now I didn’t ‘dress up’ for the thing – I can’t say I forgot but I can say I sort of forgot. Like when I remembered that morning I decided against it. So I get to the building and I’d been told to go in to the ‘middle door’ where somebody would be waiting to meet me and sign me in.

Except there were two. You find the middle of two. So I figured that the best thing to do would be to go to the door where I went before…which I did. It had a cyberlock on it but it was open, so I walked in. Nobody was there. I remembered them saying that the interview would be on the floor above, so I walked around until I found a stair case and walked up it.

At the top were two guards who were very surprised to see me without a badge or official permission to be there. I effectively ‘broke in’ to a secure government facility. Great start. Oh, did I mention that Thursday was insanely humid? That will come up soon. So I’m sort of led to the badge station, given a badge and led, mumbling, to where the panel of three people will be interviewing me.

One of them, the selecting official (and therefore supervisor nogal) was a young(er than me) man I’d been in a class with four years ago. Great. In the four week class I was forced to be the group leader, merely by seniority, and was instantly opposed by some very strong personalitied female officer. So it wasn’t so good until right at the end, when I think everyone realized that she was a tartar. But it wasn’t my finest hour.

And did I mention that JJ was (and is) younger than me? And resplendent in a crisp dark suit. And did I mention that he opened his part of the interview with “Well, it’s great to see you again. I see our careers have taken different paths but here we are, four years later?” It wasn’t said in a sneering manner, but….

So I sit down, hundreds of not very nice thoughts whirling around in my head, and due to the rush up the stairs, the interrogation by the guard, general nervousness and utterly, unreasonably high humidity (the parking lot could have doubled as a steam bath), instantly broke out into heavy perspiration. Down my face, down my body, dripping down my back. It was horrible and certainly noticeable. I don’t think that air conditioning would have helped, except maybe to make me shiver while sweating.

That set the tone for the rest of the interview fiasco. Suffice it to say that I probably won’t be offered this particular promotion and if I am I probably won’t accept it. Call me shallow if you like but while I did find out where my resumé’s weaknesses lie, I don’t want to discover the problems in the company of a callow youth. (I need to learn more about manpower staffing standards.) I remember to be quite smug, no matter how sexy (oh, yes, JJ’s good-looking too, unlike, oh, you know, me). Not if I don’t have to have the job. (There are other issues; like the job at the 902nd, it will require a clearance upgrade.)

The (not) ugly!

Not much eye candy today. Look for a themed set soon – think hard hats and hard men. Here’s a hint. Can you name this stud?

Mystery Man Hint

Mystery Man Hint

(A bright smile which where he works comes in handy)


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2 responses to “That Was Indeed The Week, That Was

  1. Oh, that interview sounds miserable (but they did want you!).

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