Is No Development, A Development?

El Job Front

I was offered the job I interviewed so sweatily for. But I still have to worry about the clearance thingy, and the not wanting to work for JJ thingy, and the if-I-don’t-take-this-job-I’ll-never-get-another thingy. See, that’s called stress. Oh, and we’re about to take a vacation on a plane that hopefully won’t go down after ‘turbulence’ like the Air France did off Brazil. More stress. 😦

No guesses

On what the upcoming dream theme will be?

Here’s another hint…all the hunks present the same general kind of thing despite being short, or tall, or muscled or lean, dark-haired or brunette, in fact being so different and having only sexiness in common. What kind of thing do they show you?

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