It Has To Be a Joke

That’s what I thought this morning. See, I woke up, reached over to pick up my glasses, and felt then snap in my hand. The arm had broken. C and I searched everywhere for my old back ups – he doesn’t drive so without the specs, we’re stuck. No luck finding them (so I will be buying new ones soon) so I called work, canceled my appointment with my counsellor, and went with C to see if the opticians could help me. Ordinarily it would have been horrible enough but remember – we’re up against a time constraint. Crapola, right? Luckily the lab manager at “Furle Vision” had a temple and could replace it so all was well in the end. Mind you, I still couldn’t work up the guts to call JJ and tell him that despite his be-goatee’d magnificence I don’t want to be working for his youthful arrogance.

“Call mum and dad at home”

Is what I told the car’s bluetooth connection to see how my mum was doing and at least her pre-op appointment went well and she seems a bit more confident about the op. Great news!

The handsome hunks of home improvementsmcg

SMG1tinyThat’s the theme for now. I was watching, well, I was trapped the other day, held hostage against my will by HGTV or TLC or whatever channel’s tactic of starting the next show right on the heels of the one ending, watching all sorts of home improvement shows, lawn crashing and bashing, remodeling and renovating, and I thought – wow, there are some pretty handy bits of eye candy there and wow, that’d make a good theme, since pictures of the Swiss Mister are not thick on the ground. I worked out too that this theme would fit in well with the earlier pictures of Gilmar Rodrigues working so well with his tool.

Without further ado, then, here’s today’s installment of a handsome hunk of home improvement, Scott McGillivray from “Income Property” on HGTV. He specializes in helping home owners fantasize about hot hard hats, or fixing up their basements to lease out. Or both. I mean, really. He’s Canadian, and very very cute. Sadly, there aren’t that many shots of him but trust me on this one and check him out. Oh, and you should see what he can do to transform a basement into a very “des res.” I mean they are still basements, but they are basements you’d want to spend time in. And pay to do so! Other than the one from Sunday, I’ve only found two pictures of Scott, plus a video with clips from his show. It’s pretty amazing.


We can make it a twofer

It is Tuesday after all. Our next HHoHI is ‘life experience junkie” Evan Farmer, from While You Were Out and Freestyle. (Since cancelled.) Now let’s see, Evan’s studied architecture, was born in Ethiopia (well, in Asmara which is now the capital of Eritrea), starred in an MTV made-for-television movie (as a boy band heartthrob, of course), been in a real band in Russia, opened for Britney Houston, and acted in movies and on television (he was the young Number Two in the third Austin Powers movie).

A real talented guy and a heck of a lot of fun to watch, even if you didn’t find him incredibly charmingly attractive, as C and I did. He writes a great and fascinating blog. He sings like a young John Mellencamp, whom he completely doesn’t talk like. He is active in quite a bit of philanthropy, built his own plane which he then flew across the country. One one level it feels a bit sleazy using him just for eye candy; but what the heck. I do encourage you to go to his website and get to know him – he seems to be a pretty extraordinary guy.

Not to mention as cute as a particularly cute button (click the two smaller Evans to get bigger Evans):




And finally, here’s a video from 1997 when Mr. Farmer was a bartender in New York. One person on the YouTube page with this video said that the bar is a gay one; who knows?

And here is, building a plane and flying it cross country:

Now a quiz: Which blond built HHoHI was on While You Were Out with Mr. Farmer? He’ll be our next Handsome Hunk. Meanwhile, just so you don’t forget Mr. Beyeler, here he is showing excellent (useful) flexibility:


(That could be good for party tricks…or vice versa)


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2 responses to “It Has To Be a Joke

  1. Hey, babycakes! I’m sorry I’ve been such an absent blog friend lately. 🙂 Glad you were able to get your specs replaced quickly. We live in constant fear of that happening to dh, and it seems to almost happen about 4 times a week. I’m glad too that your Mom is feeling more cheerful about the surgery, which I hope will be a resounding success.

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