Too Short Again, Naturally

Once again, the weekend is over and once again it seems to be over before it really started. This was quite an odd week – it started off so with the best of news and ended with a bang and a boom.

I can’t go too deply into the best of news, but it was good and for the first time in quite a while I heard a dear person giggle again. 🙂

After guzzling the past week, I only gained 0.4 of a pound. God help me this week. My WW records contains nothing but breakfasts. 😦 I need help to keep counting every day this week. I get so … lazy? I mean, I even have a great web application on my iPhone so what’s my excuse?

Exercise wasn’t so hot either. Or it was because the gym was like a steam bath, but I wasn’t there every evening. What I’d like to know is why, after I decide not to go, do I always wish I were going? Friday evening I didn’t go, and as I drove off Fort Meade I drove past the gym and really wished I could go in and work out.

The Bang

Friday was a social whirl (comparatively speaking). We had a hail and farewell at work. I was at the back and didn’t want to use my camera’s flash, so the pictures of my office’s actual welcome didn’t “come out,” but I did manage to get this shot of one of our more handsome Soldiers, and the welcoming of another. The handsome Soldier is actually a really nice guy. He always chats to me and at least pretends to be interested in what I have to say, and as he wants to be a history teacher when he gets out, he’s interesting to listen to.

Handsome SoldierWelcoming to a Handsome Soldier

The Boom

After that we went over the Bay Bridge to our friends on Kent Island. There was quite a bit of drama and the first half of the evening was very unpleasant indeed. I’m sure that things have blown over by now, but we will suffice it to say that I’m very disappointed in my Godson, even if he’s apologized to his parents (but not to me for delaying my meal). I feel bad because I’m sort of responsible for his moral upbringing but I’m also certain I am totally not up to the challenge of directing him any better than his parents and teachers. His world view continues to be nihilistic, he seems to be indifferent, nearly aggressively so, to any consequence or his future, and like everybody of his age he knows everything. I wouldn’t mind; it’s typical but (a) some of his behaviour is self-destructive and (b) when it gets out of hand it’s very selfish and self-centered. I don’t like it at all. I don’t like it when he hurts my friends; if he weren’t their son I’d have nothing to do with him at all.

We did discuss that he does question authority whereas when I was his age, I didn’t. I did what I was told maybe too much, but I did. I was told to read pages 50-150 in the text book, and I did. I was told to study and take the test, and I did. I do admire people with drive and the ability to take risks, but sometimes they wind up poor. I wasn’t as much afraid of poverty as of (having to do) manual labour; I knew I couldn’t possibly handle it – I wasn’t physically strong enough and didn’t like the idea of being outside in all weathers. I knew I couldn’t hack it but that I could as an ‘office worker.’ Now I wish I’d pursued my real dreams rather than building the career I have; but I try not to think too much about that. My job is not something I enjoy. It pays the bills. that’s all. I try also not to think too much about how sometimes I feel like the doors on my ability to change anything are closing or have closed. Do you think that the doors are real or that we make them for ourselves in our minds. I used to think I’d like to go to law school but that never worked out. I wish I could make a living with what is my natural talent and fervent interest.

Maybe I really ought to contact that career counsellor my personal trainer recommended.

Maybe I ought to stop thinking about what might have been if. If I’d stayed in and grown up in England. If I’d been able to major in what I wanted to instead of business. The only thing I keep thinking is that I don’t know if I’d have met C if I were different. And that’s what keeps me happy with my memories and not too inclined to question my decision. Because and I’m not trying to be rude, nobody’s got as good a partner/husband/lover as I do. Nobody.

Saturday was very productive. I mailed off a ‘care package’ of a comic book and some Reeses peanut butter cups to a friend in South Africa. We also pulled our credit cards out of our safe deposit box so we could use them. See, because of the financial crisis, banks and creditors are trying to reduce the amount of credit they’ve extended so they’re going around and cancelling and closing credit card accounts that haven’t been used recently. We’ve had a couple now close; sometimes without any notice. This wouldn’t seem bad, until you remember that your credit score, and therefore the interest you pay on any loan, is based in part on your debt to credit ratio. If your credit is lowered because you’ve not used a card and the issuing bank closes, your ratio gets worse (despite no particular change in your spending or paying off habits) and you pay more. It may not be fair but there it is. So we hauled them out and used them for lunch and the aforementioned extortionate shipping fees.

(We went to lunch at Noodles Corner in Columbia which I found delicious. It was odd though; I ordered what looked good to me and C ordered what looked good to him and when our dishes arrived, I didn’t like mine and he didn’t like his but we swapped them and each enjoyed the other’s.)

We also checked out the new Apple lap tops in the Apple Store in Columbia at the mall. I don’t really think I need a new one but I can see where C does, so we may ‘move’ on one sometime this year, probably after Snow Leopard comes out. Also looked at the new iPhone 3GS which looks cool but which I can live without for a while until AT&T improves the offer it has for upgrading. I cannot see spending a grand on getting a bit faster processor and a movie camera.

Finally we “swung by” (drove quite a way) to the Whole Foods market in Silver Spring, and got some semi-yummy King’s Island blue cheese (from Australia) and some really yummy Vermont cheddar. One of the benefits of having knee arthritis is that I can park in “gimpy” parking places which is good there because the parking lot on weekends is always jammed full to distraction. I am glad to report they’ve widened the aisles and it wasn’t quite the maddening mob inside that it was in the parking lot. I may have to start going more often for bits and pieces. I don’t see shopping only there, but they do have some nice treats and things.

Neither a Bang or A Boom

Today all I did was sit around and then I watched a really good movie you should watch. It’s called No Regret and it’s from Korea and it’s about a horribly tortured love story in Seoul between a poor orphan turned rent-boy and a shy rich guy being pressured into marriage by a ruthless family. But this description doesn’t do it justice so go check it out. C cooked a delicious steak dinner. Yum!

Bang a BoomerBoomerang

Yes, we’re back to our theme, after the drama. The answer to the cliff hanger question you never even tried to answer is Jason Cameron, from While You Were Out, Building the Man Cave and Desperate Landscapes. He’s hunky, he’s built, he’s much better looking in motion than in a picture, for some reason. Here he is in various guises including showing you a set of abs you could replace your clothes washer with…click on the tiny pics to see him bulge and grow before your very eyes….



And because this is indeed a multi-media weblog, here’s a few videos of Jason, pulling on his wood pole…

…getting a shirtless scrub-down at a soapy carwash…

…and working on the blog cabin and its man cave….

(Who’d like to see him in his very own mancave?)

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