How’d That Come About

How on earth did it come about that I lost 2.2 pounds? I was very surprised this morning but I do have a new swing in my WW step and have been faithfully entering my points so far. Not that it’s any later than 11:20 Monday morning but we shall see. 🙂 Actually that’s very ambiguous; we will indeed see me entering this entire week. There. I’ve said it! 🙂

Meanwhile au debut of a new week, I’m moderately optimistic that it’ll be good. How about you? But for now I’ve got to get motivated to work. I am going to try to blog more in future than I’ve been doing.

Speaking of motivation, although our eye candy this week is indeed the Handsome Hunks of Home Improvement, we mustn’t forget about our athletic motivation, Mr. Nick Beyeler. Here he is proving that he could easily run rings, squares and diamond patterns around me. If I had a body that good I might never wear clothes.



(Don’t just blurt it out, Nick, raise your hand if you want to say something!)


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2 responses to “How’d That Come About

  1. laws

    Congrats on the weight loss. To reiterate what Laila said in an earlier comment, you will get times when the weight plateaus, because you’re replacing fat with muscle.

    Sky and I are also trying to jettison some flab, we’ll cheer you on from the sidelines.

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