I Have Decided

I have decided to “go” with ecto. I figured out how to center the pictures. Duh, use the center button. I’m so good at overlooking the obvious!

Some random thoughts

As you may know I’ve been watching the Real (Unreal) Housewives series of shows on Bravo and I have to say, I do have one horrible observation to do with these women. Many of them seem to get boob implants or face lifts or botox or whatever, mainly to keep their husbands interested in them. Well, now, think about that. Surely either their husbands are such ignorant animals that they’d reject their wives for a younger model if she didn’t slice and dice and poison herself for their taste (which some do; these man are without honor), or these women are afraid they are. Or, I guess, it could be that the women really think of themselves as only possessing physical value, whereas their men can rot and shed hair and wrinkle up as needed. You might think that this would only be the stay-at-home wives but the syndrome seems to affect the working ones as well. I don’t get it. It’s just strange to me to demand, overtly or otherwise, that one’s mate alter him or herself in such dangerous radical ways.
I mean it’s surgery for Chrissakes!

What else AngloAm’s been up to

That’s a good question, I mean, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I started an home based work out plan this past week. I’d noticed that I’d been neglecting working on my core (my one-big-pack and my back) because…well…I was still shy about it. And that I’d shelled out for a bench and a Swiss ball and been given a bunch of dumbbells so I sallied forth to the book store and got a fairly good book from the Men’s Health company. Guess what? The model demonstrating the various exercises is none other than our very own Jason Cameron. (See a few posts back.) So I finally bit the bullet and made up a program based on the suggestions in the book plus things I found on other sites like this rather good one, and started Tuesday. My goodness my core was sore the next day. I think I’ll be still using the weight room at the gym for legs and probably some other things until I can use the home ones more gracefully. I do like working out at home because at least I can get home with C at an earlier time. But oh, does it require discipline! I like Scooby’s site because he seems to be sensible about not wasting money on crap that looks great but doesn’t do much.
Like today, C & I were at Sears and Sports Authority and they had some really great looking adjustable dumbbells and stuff and oh, lovely and cool looking…but I thought – not yet, not until I see if I’m really serious about working out at home. I’d hate to shell out for yet one more thing and not use it.

Anything else we should know about?

Tuesday Alan, my counsellor, and I talked about my odd need to get permission to do the right thing. See, I’ve been feeling kinda like my life isn’t really what I want it to be. All my life I took the easy way out. I graduated high school at only 16 and we were in Germany so there was no question of me going to any college back in the states at that that tender age.
I wound up being ‘forced’ to go to the Education Center on the local military base for college classes. The classes were offered by the University of Maryland University College, and catered mainly to NCOs looking to increase their chances for promotion; that meant they offered really only one major (business) which mean that that was the major I took.
I couldn’t care less about it. Honestly.
Then when we got back to the states, I graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration. A short time later I was offered an internship in manpower management. The offer came from the wife of an old friend of my dad’s. Again, the easy way out. I got lots of training and lots of promotions and now I’m pretty good in the field, although there’s a lot to learn. I’ve got a 25 year career with the Department of the Army in manpower management.
I couldn’t care less about it. Honestly. I mean, I see it’s important and sometimes there are aspects that are satisfying, but honestly, it’s not what I’m particularly interested in. But it does pay the bills, including the mortgage and the internet and the car note.
So here I am at forty-three. It doesn’t help that I’ve had nearly nothing to do at work for the last few months except play on line. I mean it – I’ve had about two-three hours of work each week. So even more I feel – why bother? – when it comes to work.Not very inspiring, is it?So tomorrow, I’ll continue this saga with “what I would like to have studied” and “what I would like to do” and “how I may be able to get there.” Also “what I think is holding me back.”

But I do owe you some eye candy

So here it is, some more of Gilmar Rodrigues looking mighty nicey in tighty and whitey:

Gilmar_Rodrigues_06_01.jpgGilmar_Rodrigues_06_02.jpg Gilmar_Rodrigues_06_03.jpg Gilmar_Rodrigues_06_05.jpg Gilmar_Rodrigues_06_07.jpg
This time, the little pictures should be thumbnails so to make his tighty whiteys get bigger, you know what to do.
(He looks so innocent, which could be deceiving)

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