Wish Me Luck

Well, everyone, wish me luck please – I’m off tomorrow (Tuesday) very early in the morning for an interview for a job (yes, I know what I wrote yesterday but in the interim I have to go onwards and upwards, no?). It’s with a defense agency that has to do with telling the defense story worldwide, it’s a promotion and it’s in Alexandria, VA. But! It’s set to move to Fort Meade, MD, in a year or so. So if I get it it would mean back on the long commute for a while but in the long run it’d be better for us.

I’d like it, but I’m ambivalent. I mean, I’m content (not happy) where I am. But I’d like to be offered it, if you know what I mean. Oh, and the clearance problem doesn’t apply!

I’ll let everyone know how it went tomorrow. This evening I’m going over my resume and the job description and seeing…that is verifying that I qualify. I mean I have to on some basic level because I’ve passed the HR screening.

Meanwhile, in honor of the joint services global nature of the job, here’s a picture of a rather handsome guy in an RAF uniform. Neat combination of innocence and knowing, don’t you think?

RAF Hunk

(Smoking is bad for you; he should put his mouth to better uses. Can you think of any?)

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