Well, I think I can say that I did well in the interview. No I’m not certain I have the job, but I ‘m certain I did the best I could.

Except I probably should have asked more questions (like if they offer telecommuting and how many business trips away from home I should expect, and where I should park) but I always wonder if asking that sort of thing before an offer is made isn’t a bit previous. I did ask about alternate work schedules and they do offer them so I’d have RDOs again if I got this job.

C came down with me and supported me and I’m sure that’s part of why I was so well prepared. He read me my resume and the job questions as we drove down.

As I said to him, there have to be no real negatives before I’d say yes, or at least enough positives to overcome the big negative of the commute through DC again.  My big worry is TDYs – business trips – and of course being unable to do the job. It’d be me being a one-man shop and no mention was made of anyone being able to give me technical guidance. Also, I was up front – I can set up Access databases but I can’t program user interfaces or do top level systems design. I’ve overseen contractors doing that sort of thing, worked with them to define business rules and display and menu behaviour but I don’t know much about object oriented programming. I don’t care if it stops me from getting it – I see no value lying about things I can’t do just to get in.

I just want everyone to know I’m cool if I don’t get it.

NickB6Now…our obsession is supposedly Nick Beyeler, the aerobics champion/model/sexy Swiss. Remember him? (To the left, click on the thumbnail to see him in all his lightly hairy glory.) He’s up there on the mast head. Not having seen much of him lately I’m sure you’d appreciate this video of the bouncy Nickness himself, winning one of his competitions. He’s amazing – when he walks he looks like his legs are made of springs. I swear he spends more time in the air than on the floor, and when he’s on the floor he mostly has only one appendage on it.


(He’s so limber you have to wonder why he bothers dating)

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