Just a Quickie

Well, I don’t have much energy for more than that. In fact, energy is lacking, motivation isn’t what it should be.

I would have worked out this evening but I have quite a bit of pain in my left foot; I really think it’s plantar fasciitis.

I would have lifted at home but on introspection, the only think I like doing at home is core work. It’s a lot of trouble shifting and hefting the weights up and down to get them in position. I think for everything else for now I’ll stick to the gym. But I won’t neglect the core.

Except I hate ‘vacuum’ (get down on all fours, exhale and let your tummy pooch out, then inhale while driving your navel to your spine and hold for 20-30 seconds). It’s not the working the abs that gets me; it’s the all fours part. My arms and shoulders aren’t used to it.

You may notice some of the pages are off and there’s a new one up there. My points are all over (= not counted so far this week). I will have to recreate them tomorrow and then I’ll get back to positing them (the old page is not gone, just invisible).

The new page shows the output of my handy dandy work out program Weightmania Pro. Plan is to put a cumulative update up every two weeks, along with an ever-expanding spreadsheet showing the individual two weeks totals. I like the software a bit, but I wish the company would (a) send me an upgrade link and (b) develop a iPhone version. They’ve promised the latter for October 2008. Yeah. I know. It keeps being delayed.

Apparently you’re desperate to know

…that while I was doing this post, I listened to “Vodka en O.J.” from the album “De la Rey” by Bok van Blerk. Well, maybe not but I’m checking out ecto’s “iTunes” link.

So this is supposed to be a quickie, AngloAm!

Don’t worry, I won’t make you go without some eye candy and we’ll continue admiring Gilmar Rodrigues, here showing us how much fun he can have in the bath with his dripping nozzle (once again, lick on the thumbnails to see Gilmar grow):

Gilmar Rodrigues 07_01
Gilmar Rodrigues 07_02 Gilmar Rodrigues 07_03 Gilmar Rodrigues 07_04
Gilmar Rodrigues 07_05
Gilmar Rodrigues 07_09
(Drip drip drip, doesn’t he look good moistened?)

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