What My Blog is Really About

Apparently, the following are the most popular searches which have directed you all here to my blog. I guess my blog is really about Greek singers, Puerto Rican actors, and of course, nude English explorers. Also lots of people called Michael Lewis, an ex-porn star turned singer, a DILF, cute guys (no surprise there!), and the ex-porn-star-turned-singer’s ex. The bits about my personal life, views, progress, love, and the rest, well, they’re just for a selective audience, the connaisseurs of a fine AngloAm story. The pics below tell the story (all thumbnails, all embiggenable).

Sakis Rouvas Get Happy When He ShowersCarlos Ponce and his beautiful eyesAt last - Bear Grylls NudeMichael Lewis FlashbackColton Ford (on the right) and Blake HarperMike Rowe's Great Grin

For the record, I’m all in favor of all the below listed items. Even Têtu. If only I could get Sakis to acknowledge my publishing his name so much. Without me, he’d be nothing.

Search Views
sakis rouvas 28,243
carlos ponce 18,218
bear grylls nude 9,525
michael lewis 9,136
colton ford 9,094
mike rowe 8,331
saki rouva 5,921
cute guys 5,685
blake harper 5,366
henri castelli 5,207
full frontal nudity 5,007
marco dapper 4,887
yehuda levi 4,374
christopher meloni nude 4,009
felipe folgosi 3,529
rafael branciforti 3,034
frontal nudity 2,938
owen wilson 2,907
full frontal 2,835
sakis 2,651
christopher meloni 2,604
raphael laus 2,292
sakis rouvas naked 2,055
marco dapper nude 2,049
mike rowe naked 2,025
chris meloni nude 1,797
mike rowe shirtless 1,558
luke wilson 1,467
rouvas 1,433
bear grylls naked 1,384
silvio nascimento 1,338
marco dapper naked 1,306
jake gyllenhaal 1,270
hairy balls 1,225
michael lewis model 1,178
sakis rouvas nude 1,151
rafael laus 1,144
matus valent 1,090
chris evans 1,059
fotos de carlos ponce 987
ricardo baldin 954
green eyes 939
hairy chests 917
christopher meloni naked 915
handsome men 912
adam baldwin 807
scott mcgillivray 790
tetu 750
beautiful eyes 722
laus 692


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4 responses to “What My Blog is Really About

  1. Karen

    Interesting pic with the ice.


    At the top of this site you list the most popular searches that bring visitors to this site. Well, we here at That’s My Jam Pineapple Crepe would like to inform you that we came to this site through the search, “Very Dapper Indeed.”

  3. bvbh

    doesnt it just get you hard!

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