Returns, Absences, and Changes

Well, as you can see the ‘weight loss’ page is back. Mainly shamefacedly because I wanted to publicize my losing this week. 🙂

In other developments, I’ve not got plantar fasciitis but a simple bursitis behind my heel. The doctor gave me an injection of cortisone and it will supposedly clear right up. Well, I hope so. At least I do feel some improvement already. He wants me to ice it every evening and lay off the walking until it is resolved (all cleared up, I guess).

Went to Panera in Laurel for lunch and ran into my mum and dad and it was really nice. I had a fairly sensible lunch too. Since I can’t walk I have to be extra careful about intake.

The other thing the doctor told me was that I am very very slightly anemic and he wants me to take a Vitamin B-12 supplement. My red blood cell count is 3.97 million/microliter, and it should be higher than 4.20. My hematocrit (the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells) is 38.0%; should be 38.5% or higher. My MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin) is 33.6 picograms/cell; should be no more than 33.0 pg/cell. I am however, not iron-deficient, and he doesn’t seem to think any further intervention beyond 500 micrograms of B-12 is needed.

Other than that a good day, nothing much to report from work. I’m not sure but I’m guessing I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week, but that’s okay. I know I did the best I knew how. On to researching other options, eh? I mean I’m so vital I was out until 12:30 and nobody even knew I wasn’t there (I called into my boss but she was out too). If I wasn’t so honest I could save a bit of leave time and say to disregard my phone message and that I had been there all along but that would be wrong.

n505055131_453043_7285Tonight I was facebooking with my facebook friend Reynaldo Gouws from South Africa. He has some  strong opinions on the place and all of them are based on facts. (He’s also a real gym bunny, click and see him grow, and a DJ, and an industrial psychologist.) He’s complaining that youtube where he posts his videos is restricting him and has cut way back on the views he gets. Please, if you have time, go and see his channel on youtube and discover his opinions. Even if you don’t like them you will have to admit that he backs them up and holds them sincerely.

Would anyone like the names of the other youtubers I subscribe to?

I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight. I’ll probably have nobody photographing me, unlike Mr. Rodrigues does (oh, and I’m tired of old Nick so I’ve changed the masthead a bit).

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_01g

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_03g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_04g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_05g

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_06g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_07g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_08g

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_02g

(Yes, those eyes are green)

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