Hipster PDA

Well, I do have a PDA. In fact I’ve had one for ages, since 1999, when C bought us each one to track our finances (mainly) by synching with Quicken, and then the normal things one does with it.

There’s an irony there. Our latest, greatest iPhone does not sync with Quicken or reliably with any desktop financial management software, or at least not without some convolution and effort. Nothing as simple as the old Pocket Quicken to Quicken sync. šŸ˜¦

In any event it’s really odd-I keep having bloggable thoughts, which evaporate the moment I sit down to write! I thought maybe having a WordPress app on my iPhone would help – but I find that little soft keyboard a bit difficult for effortless, non-distracting typing. Plus there is also the little issue of all that fiddling about to make things pretty and nice, which might get in the way.

So I think I’ll start keeping around me the “hipster’s PDA” – an old fashioned notebook, little blue thing with a pen. (C will recognize this as one of the many I’ve bought!)

Now I had at least three piercing, intelligent, brilliant, thought provoking ideas for this post today but I’m sorry. All gone. šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, my counsellor has asked me to go about living without self-pity in my life. Jeepers. That’s thought provoking but a bit personal. And it seems so big, such an amorphous thing, that the simple question that first comes to mind – “how?” – seems inadequate. I guess the first step is to figure out where I live with it, before I can figure out how to live without it.

One more thing: My stupid bursitis has still not gone away. Very pissed off about that.

What about the eye candy?


Well, we don’t have a celebrity one for the moment, so we’ll have to ‘make do’ with another Brazilian model. (Oh, the horror!) We’re pretty much out of old Gilmar and his magic hose, so say hello to Bruno Schuind (that’s him, up there), and get ready for another theme – this time what about more sportsmen? The marvellous men of home improvement weren’t, come to find out, all that easy to find. So it’ll be football fellows, sexy soccer players, hot men of hockey and tennis tantalizers. Or some such!

What’s your favourite sport?

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