Many Kinds of Fame

Well, here’s the first ‘hipster PDA’ artifact!

I am as many of you know a big fan of some (far from all) ‘reality’ TV shows, especially the Real Housewives franchise.

TGTableOn that show, a lot of the ladies parlay their six months of filming into publicity for whatever entreprenuerial project they have their eyes on. In Orange County, Vickie Gunvalson and Jeana Keough peddle diet pills and Lynn Curtin jewelry. In New York Countess LuAnn and Bethenny Frankel have books out, Ramona’s selling jewelry and skin care creams, Jill pushes Zarin fabrics incessantly, while across the bridges and tunnels there’s less self-promotion although Danielle Straub has a book to counter ‘the book.’ I also understand that Teresa Giudice’s going to start up a line of replacement glassware and china in case you flip your table and breakages ensue. Or maybe huge wallets for all those hundred dollar bills everyone carries around since the economy’s crashing.

In any event I have no problem with that. It’s just their way of making a buck. More power to ’em.

What I’ve noticed that some commentators, especially in the cultural press have a problem when they are referred to as ‘celebrities.’ I think this is misguided; they are celebrities, minor or major, based on the fact that low-brow press and bloggers comment on them, and high-brow press comments on all the comments. I’m not very articulate in this but I think what’s going on is that these people are a bit like the People’s Choice Awards twice on. First off, they’re self-nominated candidates for celebrity in a way much more direct than an actor or actress or a sportsman or sportswoman is. They’re supposed to be going about their ordinary lives. (These lives seem different from ours but not unrecognizable, they’re not sui generis or utterly fictional, albeit they are edited and dramatized.) And their fame comes not from the stamp of approval of the guardians of beaux arts and high culture but from ordinary viewers.

In short, ordinary people (give or take a few cravings for publicity) are doing ordinary things (give or take a few million) to the acclaim of other ordinary people. And the guardians of What People Should Like are discombobulated. Needlessly, I add, since I doubt Tamra vs. Gretchen will ever displace any of our other tragicomedies or myths.

I do object to them calling themselves ‘actors and actresses.’ It spoils the illusion that we are indeed flies on the wall.

How terribly anthopological of you, AA, but you know why we come by

Sorry! Here’s Bruno Schuind for your eyecandy delight.



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