Hey, How’s It Going?

Well, it’s been great for me, but maybe a bit disorienting. C had to work late a bit so I really wasn’t home most evenings, especially the one on which I went to a market research group on <subject redacted>. We discussed <redacted> but it was a bit disappointing – the one cute guy in the waiting room was sent home. (The one cute one except me of course.)

Meanwhile I continue(d) to feel my bursitis get better and better. I think this week I’ll be able to return to the gym which will be very good. Last week at work there were three birthdays, three days ice cream, two days of chocolate layer cake and one of cheesecake. Mmmm good. But I took a points-recording vacation last week, and we all know how that works out.

Weight gain. I already fatter. I imagine I’ve gained at least five pounds. 😦 I dread WW weigh in tomorrow. I’ll tweet my results (yes! Follow me on Twitter for it first).

So now even though I don’t particularly want to, I will be going to the gym tomorrow and I’ll try to do as many minutes as I can. It’s a bit of a pisser since I promised to buy bread as well, so we’ll have to see what happens – whether I can wriggle out of it or will have to run out after I get home and clean up.

Note: Wriggling successful. Will get bread Tuesday evening. And I forgot I have a loaf of rye.

So anyway, apart from gasping in pain a bit less with every step, the work week was really quiet. The weekend was a bit less quiet; Friday night we went to Mongolian Barbecue with our friends; I overate. (See a theme here?) Saturday we went to our friends (see another) for dinner. They did ribs in their smoker. I’m really fond of ribs and their smoker did them very well. Mmm good. Now, I am inspired to try ribs at home in the crock pot. Anyone know a good recipe? We had a great time and after dinner and while eating a really really delicious cake (really delicious..memorably) we watched “Crossing the Line” about a US Army defector to North Korea and his life. Okay, so as it was said last night “you know if AngloAm’s involved it will have to do with eye candy” and I have to say the son of the defector is really a cutie. But a commie cutie. It’s so amazing that he speaks English with such a thick Korean accent, while looking so blondly American. You can see him at the beginning of this little clip from 60 Minutes:


Today (Sunday) I’ve done really nothing. C made us lunch of lots and lots of smoked salmon on toast with cream and horseradish. Oh, goodness was it good. (All the toast is why we need the bread!)

How’s that hipster PDA working out?

Well, here’s something. A WaPo writer is whining about one of my most favorite sites on the web, Gawker. According to to the author, Gawker “stole” his story by quoting it (excerpting, which even the Gawker rep said was done particularly heavily in this case). (The Gawker story. The Post writer’s reply.) The subject of the story is Ann Loehr, who has what Gawker called the fakest job in the world. She charges between $500 and $2,000 to explain to Gen-Xers and baby boomers how the millennial generation (teens and 20 year olds) behaves in the workplace.
The Post author, Ian Shapira, is complaining that he did all the grunt work which Gawker used, but didn’t pay for. He:

  • Made an hour-long phone call to Loehr and typed up 3,000 words of notes. (Is it normal to type up every singe word of a conversation? Is it needed?)
  • A half-hour drive to attend one of two-hour long Loehr’s seminars and typing up notes for about four hours.
  • A day to write the story.

Now the first thing that comes to mind is that Shapira’s boss read this. So there is a teeny incentive for him to … not exaggerate exactly … for him to ensure that his efforts were highlighted. I’m not saying he exaggerated. But.

Secondly he’s whining not because there was no attribution, but because there wasn’t enough. Although there were links to his story, and the Washington Post was credited at the bottom, it wasn’t enough for somebody who fears loss of his 401(k) and salary (but still has a job) despite admitting that the main problem was that newspapers didn’t innovate when the internet first started changing the game. What he wants is bigger better credit and some cash if they ‘heavily excerpt.’ He’d like the law changed to provide this.

Disclosure: I love Gawker mainly because of Richard Lawson’s snarky recaps of the Housewives shows.

Anything else good, AngloAm?

No, not really. Other than today’s marvellous model eye candy bloke, Bruno Schuind. Here he is showing us that even models need to drink healthily:

Bruno Schuind 05_01
Bruno Schuind 05_02Bruno Schuind 05_03 Bruno Schuind 05_04 Bruno Schuind 05_05
Bruno Schuind 05_06
(I guess they need the strength to do up their jeans, huh?)

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