Something Wrong…But Not With My Loyal Readers

It’s been a short strange trip since I last blogged but the time has really flown by and it’s just because of that that I’ve not been blogging more. My bad.


So wuzzup?

I started physical therapy on doctor’s orders on Friday. I was really nervous because it’s a stranger in very close proximity and I don’t normally like that. It’s also extra leave time to use. 😦 Anyway, the therapist Matt is very solemn seeming but also very cute (the picture doesn’t really do him justice).

When I started I didn’t think I really needed it as it wasn’t feeling so bad, and I told him so but he seemed to take it seriously. He did mention that it possibly was the great big painful stretch in the doctor’s office that did the trick. Apparently my tendon was very tight and even though it hurt like hell, the wrenching stretch may have really helped. Nice to know it wasn’t for nothing.

First Matt used ultrasound on me, which was pretty unremarkable; at first the probe seemed really hot but I soon got used to it. Then he switched to massaging my heel which you’d think would be nice but really wasn’t; it wasn’t objectionable, but rather ‘no big deal.’ Then he put a strap around my foot and had me pull it back flexing it as hard as possible; that wasn’t so easy towards the end as I had to pull and hold this strap harder and harder. Next he gave me a rubber band thing to use to flex my foot against to strengthen the heel and tendon. Then he had me do two stretches standing with instructions to do them at home as well (which I didn’t follow too well). Finally he put a big ice wrap on my feet and left me for ten minutes to chill down.

The weekend was lazy and we didn’t do too much. Ah well. Nice dinner with a friend on Friday, nice lunch on Saturday at a great Italian restaurant, and C cooked delicious bratwurst and fresh corn on the cob. Sunday we had ham steak for breakfast and went to my mum and dad’s house for dinner. We avoided most talk about politics.

Which have been very interesting of late. The rabble have their pitchforks out about the health care plan, whipped to a frenzy by the very people who hold them deepest in contempt and who don’t give two flying damns about them. My brother and I discussed how there seems to be something wrong with a lot of aspects of our culture. We agreed that there is something wrong with militias (whose membership is seemingly increasing), gun nuts, hero worship, false patriotism (by which I mean loyalty to the country rather than loyalty to its people), survivalists, hero worship, all things which seem to delight in force and violence and smugness/triumphantilism. It seems to me at least to be a lack not so much of compassion, but of humility. Some people seem to be their own Gods. A healthy, humble individualism is one thing, but one which requires not building oneself up but knocking others down is not helpful.

Now about that eye candy….

I’ll blog more this week but for now, let’s go back to our sexy lad, Bruno Schuind. Here he is enjoying some lovely chocolate ice cream (I think) and wrapped in some sort of strange material. Any idea what it is?

Bruno Schuind 08_01

Bruno Schuind 08_02   Bruno Schuind 08_03 Bruno Schuind 08_04  Bruno Schuind 08_05

Bruno Schuind 08_06 Bruno Schuind 08_07 Bruno Schuind 08_08 Bruno Schuind 08_09

Bruno Schuind 03_03
(Maybe he should take the pants off for closer inspection – what do you think?)

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