What shall we do?

Day Seven: Today was very odd indeed

I kept sitting around. I was going to go to the beach. I was going to go to the pool. I was going to do so much and thoughts of ‘oh dear, this is not how a holiday should be’ kept running through my head. I drove C quite insane I think. We woke up late and had cereal and things for brekkies and things. Got on-line which I guess is a holiday thing, as I don’t have to play on line much what with evenings being crowded and weekends full of errands (or sleeping in!).

After a lunch of sandwiches that C made (see a pattern?) we, well, sat around some more. But it was lovely to have the luxury of both togetherness and time. Which really was the point of the vacation after all, when you think of it.

We got a pizza for dinner while we…well, mostly C did the initial packing. There was some tension as we realized we had to get shifting before bed and bed had to come pretty early because of the early start.

So no big deal, no big last night, lying by the pool in the afternoon with a citron presse and a trashy book, no cinzano aperitifs on the terrace and cioppino dinners, none of what you’d see in the movies or read about in one of those trashy books.

But. It was a great vacation. Mainly because C and I had the luxury of spending time together, without deadlines, without the phone clanging or the e-mail buzzing.

And that is how you vacate your mind of the every day, isn’t it?

Day Eight: Vrooooooom!

Today dawned early as C struggled to get all the stuff down to the car and I … didn’t do as much. However, I swung into action right after; we drove down to Pawleys to drop the keys off and then back up to Surfside Beach for breakfast (the Eggs Up Grill again). I discovered I like grits with one pack of Splenda. Mmm good. For my SA friends, imagine very loose pap, sweetened. mmm good.

From there via Costco in Myrtle Beach to gas up down a bunch o’ roads including a strange detour south on I-95 to Charlotte, NC. We got there in plenty of time so we holed up and took a pit stop in a Starbucks which was a welcome break for me.

After Starbucks it was off to the South African store in Matthews, NC, where I bought five packs of boerewors (mmmm boerewors) which is a South African sausage, spiced with coriander. It’s soooo good. Also some pap (white corn meal which is grits but when you cook it as pap, you make it stywer/stiffer) and some piri-piri sauce. Mmm good.

So we get back into the car and head down to Charlotte’s beltway and set the GPS for the hotel we’d booked, in Lynchburg. Hmmm only three hours. So we cancelled those directions and programmed it for home. Hmmm only six hours. It was about half past three…I thought “I can do this” and I did. Up I-85 to I-95 south of Richmond. Kinda boring but we had a good book on the iPod to listen to so really it flew by. Gassed up in Virginia, and took a pit stop in Fredericksburg. We were getting hungry but decided to press on…and eventually we thought – could we get something from near home and eat at home?

By then I wanted to get to and be in our house so after a fairly uneventful six hours (nine total including the morning) we swung by a KFC in Greenbelt for a bucket o’ chicken and then home.

And the growler kept the wors frozen the whole way. So that was good. It’s odd, I think if it was to get to a destination other than home I might not have pushed myself, but the call of our own bed was really strong. It was good to find out that the truck is as comfortable as the Avalon we had before; I thought it would be but C was a bit worried. I do love the roominess of it. It was great to have so much room for stuff.

So the great beach trek was over. I loved it. It was paradise having the time and togetherness with my husband, where the only people we had to please were ourselves. I have to go over the things we did and figure out what we can adapt from the vacation to our daily life. For example, I’m typing this lying in bed because, dammit, I have a lap top and can synch via MobileMe and so it’s all good and relaxing. C is lying beside me watching TV. It’s 10 pm* and I’m about to sign out and snooze off.

Thanks for reading!

* I posted it later…


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2 responses to “What shall we do?

  1. Karen

    Glad you guys had a good vacation.

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