Ever make a decision and live with it, only slowly to change your mind?

Ever find yourself reversing something you set your mind to do? Not talking little things, like a blue pen instead of a black one, but a major direction in your life?

Ever been afraid of the consequences of doing or saying something yet the impulse to do so bubbles up constantly? Consequences from trivial (the “I told you so’s”) to broad(changes in routine, in way of life) to deep (alterations in how you see yourself and the world, and your place in it)?

Ever wanted something, but been afraid of it? Felt so eager to grasp something yet holding back because of your dignity or pride, or habit, or fear of the implications, or some other reason. Or a brew of all those reasons and more.

Yet felt you needed to grasp it.

Ever feel alone, no matter your circumstances?

Afraid of being humble yet seeing no other way?

Felt like you’re a dam holding something back and wishing you could crack the dam just a little, but been afraid that the tinest of cracks will mean total deluge?

Gotten used to the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you think about a particular subject?

How’d you deal with it?

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