Let’s Take a Break, Shall We?

Let’s take a break from all this introspection and all these deep thoughts. So, I hear you asking, what has AngloAm been up to recently?

After our vacation to South Carolina, the dh and I went to visit my mum and dad in Venice, Florida. We flew down from BWI to Tampa which was an interesting flight. There was a loud woman on board with her (rather cute) husband, but they weren’t seated together, so she spent quite some time ordering him to ask those around him to move and shift positions and put themselves out so she could sit near him, and hand off their quiet baby to him. We get to Tampa and it’s balls-hot. After the crispness of Maryland, it hit us like a hot wet blanket – FWOMP.

We got the rental car and drove off down to Venice and to mum and dad’s condo. I must say it was nicer than I thought it would be. It’s small, but not much smaller than my house, all on one floor with a garage, a lanai (covered porch) and a view over the pond where we saw an alligator swimming about:

PA100056PA110065 PA100056 PA100053
The next day we took a trip around Venice, Nokomis and the cities’ beaches. Venice’s downtown is really nice; some of the main street is lined with palm trees and some with banyan trees. The shops aren’t too twee and anytime there’s an official city beach you know it’s a place for pleasant living. I must also admit that there weren’t as many geriatrics or facilities for geriatrics as I thought there would be. After seeing the main town we had lunch by the town canal and drove to some orange groves near a neighbourhood which was a bit less perfect and manicured than most of the condo and villa pool and golf course communities in town:
PA100033 PA120066PA100040
After the tour, and a trip up Casey Key where the rich and ostentatious live, dh and I went to Caspersen Beach. This by the way, was the very furthest south I’ve ever been so far. The water was incredible in the Gulf of Mexico – as warm as bath water. You didn’t have to ‘get used to it’ on getting in. And the waves were a lot less pound-y than on the Atlantic:
PA100021<PA100031 PA100027
The big draw, though, in the late afternoon, is sunset over the Gulf. It’s incredible:
Sunset Venice Beach

What about the eye candy?

I guess if we’re getting back to normal, we’d better go all the way, and who better to go all the way with than our nearly forgotten Brazilian beach and pool boy, Bruno Schuind, here hopefully with some sun block on:

Bruno Schuind 10_04g
Bruno Schuind 10_03g Bruno Schuind 10_07g Bruno Schuind 10_05gBruno Schuind 10_09g
(Do you see a certain tendency in where the speedo’s going?)

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