More from Florida

First off, I have to apologize for not having written in quite some time. These last few weeks I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of information that has really knocked me sideways. I’ve gone from being excited to being fearful to being hopeless to being hopeful, sometimes in a single minute’s time. I will fill you all in quite soon on what it’s all about, but I have some off-line journaling to do beofre I can get things into a coherent and hopefully interesting form for publication to the masses (well, the two or three of you that still read this.)

Back to Florida

Well, we’re still in sunny Florida (in our story) and the second day of our trip has dawned. C & I left to get breakfast out, at a little restaurant mum and dad recommended. It was okay; I have to say that I do find myself getting more fond of grits. (Which, lets face it, are basically a loose pap, right?) After that we trotted off downtown to check out the galleries; we found some nice things but nothing that demanded we take it home. I really liked some of the paintings, but wasn’t so fond of the ‘giclée’ (aka a photograph printed on canvas). The gallery owner even said that the artist set the price for is paintings too high.

Came back to the condo and then went to lie by the pool. While there, I thought – I get it. I get why people retire there. You can go to the pool nearly every day. The gulf’s warm enough to swim in without ‘getting used’ to it. No shoveling snow. No dealing with icy roads. No slush. No leaves to rake up. And at least at the time we were there, we weren’t surrounded by “wrinklies;” at the pool dh and I were the oldest people around.

Of course, if I lived there I really couldn’t do what I did that day – lie two hours in the sun without sun block. I was peeling for two weeks. Because I’m…erm… taller than my hair, I peeled on my scalp too. That’d never happened to me before.

That night we went to dinner at a strange restaurant overlooking some sort of canal. The food was good though, but the ceilings were painted black which made the lights that hung from them very glaring and harsh. Also by the time we left we were the only people there, yet it wasn’t that late; about eight p.m.

No pictures from this day because, well, I don’t like having pictures of me at the pool!

The next day we had a late breakfast and drove back up to Tampa and caught the flight home. Here are some pictures of the Sunshine Skyway:

Sunshine Skyway

A cable stayed bridge

It looks scarier than it really is.

A Movie You Should See


Well, a few actually. The first is “Nine Queens” from Argentina. It’s a movie about con artists who try to swindle a stamp collector with some fake stamps. It stars Ricardo Darín and the very handsome Gastón Pauls. I recommend it; it is in Spanish but the subtitles make it easy to follow the somewhat complicated story.

You can give Gastón a click to see him get bigger…I really enjoyed how he played a tough guy with vulnerability, if you know what I mean. There was always a little boy inside the swindler, the schemer, so that you couldn’t really stay judgmental over him. There’s a surprise ending of course.


The next is also from Argentina: “XXY” about a child growing up as a girl but with an extra male chromosome. As432.jpg she reaches puberty she and her family have to decide how to proceed; and of course it’s not an easy decision that’s foisted on them. I probably wouldn’t view this with young children.

Both these films were recommended to me by Maximiliano Palacio; if you follow the Real Housewives of New York, he was Kelly Bensimone’s date (you may remember the Countess’s tongue hanging out over him, or Brad, Jill’s ‘gay husband’ making a scene of himself). I ‘met’ Max on facebook and have chatted to him on the chat facility there. He’s totally charming and nice and I wish him well in his acting and modeling career.

Another film not to see with children at all is “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.” It will make you think and maybe change your ideas about abortion. If you don’t understand Romanian there are subtitles!

And now, some more eye candy for your delectation

The first piece of eye candy is the aforementioned Max, with the aforementioned Kelly at the Halloween party presumably after ‘the incident,’ and in a shot part of an ad campaign for Organica Boutique (which you can click to make him grow). Isn’t he handsome?

Max and Kelly.jpg Max On the Street.jpg
(You’ll have to take my word for it about how nice he is.)


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  1. Well, hopeful is good. I’m glad to hear it. And Florida sounds wonderful, high priced artwork, sunburned scalps and all. 🙂 Lovely eye candy as usual. Although, I am now on the straight and narrow again. Behaving my lovely self as I should, not as I could. ;p.

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