Been a while

Hello, remember me?

There’s a bit to catch up on — first off I am sorry for being so lax in posting. I’ve not been as wrecked as before and I’m nearing a decision that I will share with my readership soon.

The first big event was a luncheon at which Simon van Kempen was present. Simon is a husband on The Real Housewives of New York, he’s married to Alex. The luncheon was arranged by Carol Joynt as part of her “Q&A Cafe” series. The luncheon was held at the Ritz-Carleton in Georgetown; a very nice hotel. It was interesting to hear Simon talk about the experience of being on the RH and give advice to anyone cast in the DC based show that is being cast or the cast of which is being finalized right now. Apparently Mary Amons and her husband Rich, who were in attendance, are possible DC castmembers. Rich knows some of the people at the table where I was sat, and the Amonses are being talked about in the blogs and the Post, so perhaps they will be on TV soon.


Rich is a bit of a ‘dandy.’ But at least he doesn’t crash White House parties….

Anyway, after we ate lunch while Ms. Joynt interviewed Simon, he graciously let his meal get cold while we crowded around asking him questions. He remembered that my birthday was a few days off and some of the things we’d chatted about on facebook. He is much taller than one would think. But he discussed how he and Alex had tried to improve their somewhat snobby and out-and-out weird image from season one. In season two they were both much more popular. (I wonder if Vickie Gunvalson or Tamra Barney will be able to ditch the ‘nasty girl’ image they have in some quarters.)

In any event it was a great time and I really enjoyed myself. Oh, yes, I felt a bit outclassed among all the social elites, the Buffys and Bitsys and such, but I remembered not to burp and to butter my bread in little bits. I do think I should have dressed up a bit more. And frankly they were actually very (that word again) gracious to me. Noblesse et TV-fandom obligent?

The same weekend, C and I went to our normal ‘special occasion’ restaurant, the Inn at Lambertville Station, in Lambertville, New Jersey. It really is a nice place and a good weekend out. On the way we stopped in at Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia. I don’t think we’ll be back. The cheese steaks are frankly nothing special and they rush you – so much that I managed to spill all the grease from both steaks onto my shirt. Very frustrating especially since we’d not packed spares – I had to buy a shirt near the hotel and change before dinner at the Red Lobster (nice but not exceptional, never had been before, may not bother again). Next day after brunch we drove through Titusville and Trenton (to the state capital only) before heading home. Titusville looked gorgeous in autumn splendor:


The day before setting off we met with our financial advisor to get our annual check-up. He really believes in funding one’s retirement! We’re not doing too badly. Certainly and gladly we’ve not lost as much as some people did in the stock market. And now that the markets may be recovering he wants us to be a bit more aggressive in investing in it. After the meeting we had a lovely dinner with friends and I got some marvelous presents.

We also had a good, but quiet, Thanksgiving. We went out for dinner to the Yellowfin Fish and Steak House in Edgewater near Annapolis. It’s a nice place; the dining room has a gorgeous view of the South River. The food was okay; it had good points (lovely moist beef tenderloin, nice turkey, fantastic smoked salmon quite good stuffed flounder) and some odd points (crusted salmon that was a waste of time, paella that was more like rice goo with seafood – delicious but not very paella-y). We really loved their cream of crab soup. It was just nice to not have to cook or stuff.

More to come

Including movies you should see, and books you should read, and more musings but for now, I’ll leave you with our eye candy guy, Bruno Schuind…here showing us what he can do with and without his denim shorts (as always, click on the smaller pics to make them expand before your very eyes):

Bruno Schuind 07_01
Bruno Schuind 07_02 Bruno Schuind 07_03
Bruno Schuind 07_05 Bruno Schuind 07_06 Bruno Schuind 07_07 Bruno Schuind 07_08 Bruno Schuind 07_09
(I wouldn’t keep him waiting at the gate, would you?)

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