A Decision

I’ve decided to pursue a radical strategy to improve my life. The reason is my obesity which seems impervious to everything I’ve tried. Before going into my decision, I thought I would share with my myriad readers some of the background.

Installment One: The health effects I’ve had from being so heavy

Let’s start with my feet. My feet often hurt on even the slightest walk. I have had to have custom orthotics made to help me with the enormous weight pushing down on my incorrect stance and gait. Obesity-caused poor circulation means they are always cold.

Upwards to my legs: I suffer in both legs from chronic venous insufficiency – my circulation is so poor that blood pools there. Both my calves and shins are brown and red in color with very thin skin and a mottled appearance due to the pooling of blood caused by being obese. I have had two very painful and difficult to treat stasis ulcers – large holes in my flesh resulting from the venous stasis. In both cases they took quite some time to heal and were very unpleasant, not to mention a lot of trouble; multiple doctor visits, dressings on and dressings off all the time. There is no guarantee that I will not develop one or more again. I must wear compression stockings to help alleviate the stasis and the continuous torture of itching that the stasis creates.

My thighs are so large they have two permanent folds in them. I have to be careful to keep my skin nice and dry.

Also I have a large panniculum; the weight of my abdomen pulls on my back especially when I’m walking; after less than two dozen steps the pain starts and it does not let up until I sit down.

Because of the weight of my neck, I have sleep apnea which is treated by a CPAP machine.

Systemically, I suffer from gout which is associated with obesity. Also, I become out of breath easily when walking or climbing stairs. My weight and shape mean I cannot ascend or descend stairs which do not have sturdy hand rails and even then I cannot bend my legs sufficiently to ascend or descend except crab-fashion, sideways.

I have osteoarthritis in my right knee, the onset and increasing severity of which is associated with obesity. I am in pain nearly all the time from it.

At present I do not have high blood pressure or diabetes, however, my obesity puts me at extreme danger of developing these.

I cannot take many medical tests as I am too large; I would find a full-body MRI nearly impossible to fit in. Sonograms don’t work well through my fat, nor does a doctor’s palpitation.

Not obese

Bruno Schuind is certainly not obese is he? We’ve seen him in jeans, in speedos, in undies, now here he is in something less. Sadly we must say good bye to him as our next obsession begins with our next blog post; a glimpse of him is up top:

Bruno Schuind 11_04g Bruno Schuind 11_05g Bruno Schuind 11_06g

Bruno Schuind 11_01g

Bruno Schuind 11_02g

Bruno Schuind 11_03g  

Bruno Schuind 11_07g Bruno Schuind 11_08g 11_09g

(He’s been a patient lad; how would you reward him?)

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  1. I am sure that C will be there to support you in your decision as you do what needs to be done to take care of your health. Hang in there!! And take good care of yourself.

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