11 Mar 10

Sorry for being away so long.

The blog is going to be a little different from now on – I’m not going to do huge obsessions on people and it’ll revert to more being about my life and thoughts and stuff.

Here are my notes from the 11th of March. I’m playing catch up.

Work was fine – except I didn’t do anything. Well, I did manage to update my travel arrangements with Lyndon for Atlanta – the car is now to be picked up and dropped off at College Park. Other than that, and dropping off to sleep for a while I mostly just read Gawker or Twitter and fucked around. Was noch? Nichts. By the afternoon the office very hot. Home straight after – C at work in DC. Either he has a cold or his allergies are really bad this year. I wish I could do something but he eschews aid (gets angry when I offer to take him to the doc for example).

Had a three-egg omelet for dinner which was nice, and some salami and pepperoni and cheese sticks. Not too awful. Washed my new polos and swapped out the dishes, another load is already in the sink. Watched “Psych” (love it, and James Roday is mega hot) and “Southland” (love it too and Ben Mackenzie’s cute as they come). Didn’t catch the second part of RHOOC reunion but it’s being dvr’d.

Hoping that I can get a decent set of office things before going on a business trip. Atlanta. Must start on that tomorrow, tout de suite!

Just feeling a little tired, and stuffs. Didn’t exercise. Here’s today’s numbers: 1227 calories, 77 g fat, 17 g carbs. I need to cut down on fat! It’s not my fault, guv, it’s the pepperoni. Need to get in some turkey or such over the weekend. Didn’t walk. Does washing the clothes and dishes count?

So no obsession but I will say that the above picture is shy little Levi Johnson. I will put up a pic of him now, and one of James Roday and Ben McKenzie.

Levi Johnson:


It doesn’t get any racier than this. 😦 James Roday:


Not any racier than that either. Half his appeal is his persona on the show. And Ben Mackenzie. He’s actually a good actor which is convenient for the show since they hardly ever give him any lines.


Uniform, a man in love

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