12 March 10

Kinda a dreary day and kinda dreary news. It rained and was dull the whole day. At work:

Found out that the trip to Atlanta may be ‘moved to the right.’ Which means that C will have to wriggle out of his ticket to come with me or I’ll have to go alone. I am kinda pissed but frankly saw it coming. Depending on how easy it is to change the darn thing, I may verzicht on this one and ‘do’ the one that Eddie Duke said would be better in April. I just hate the turbulence. And asking C to change plans. I know I fantasize about visiting strip clubs and hiring an escort but really I know I won’t. Maybe the strip club!

Then I had to listen to CH burble about how he’s going to be PCS’d to Hawaii. What I keep thinking is – why doesn’t he like me? His loss though, right?

Then I had to go to our Chaplain Assistant and all-around-Good-Guy’s promotion party. He cut such a fine figure up there, so handsome and admirable. He’s also going and I wish he weren’t too. 😦 First pic is of the unit chaplain introducing him and his family, second is of him greeting his fellow soldiers, and the third is from last year’s picnic. What he said is true – he does work out (partially) to keep himself attractive for his wife. And it works!




Sigh, another good one gone. And NO CAKE AT ALL!!!

‘Course I’ve not managed to get around to entering my intake either.

Looked up a bit later – my Levenger notebooks arrived, and we’re all off to Mama Roma’s and C agreed to go with me to the Levenger store in Tyson’s Tuesday. He’s so great like that.

But as usual sooo sleepy!

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