17 Mar 10

A quick update from Wednesday, 17 March.


Went to get blood work done, on appointment, left lab slip @ home. So we got up and got there early and all and just after signing in, I realized — no lab slip. Grrr!!!!

Took C to Plato’s for brekkies.

Home (lovely day) and then to work. Work unremarkable. C an asshole about people needing large cars and how they shouldn’t and all. You know, people like me. Fuck him.

Home after work and grazed for dinner (too damned much, mustn’t do that again). Rewatched OC housewives reunion, NY last eppy (Labour Day belaboured).

Futzed around but finally found my lovely (well semi-lovely) waterman pen C bought me. Will try to use it @ work/home. But then again, there are non-fountain ones that are very very good and want to get a box of them.

C home late, but I went straight down here. But now I’m tired and stuff.

Didn’t exercise, again. 😦 Ate too early. Must not do that tomorrow night.

Other than that, not much. Feeling fat. Our new scale won’t be here until Tuesday at the earliest.

Slade Smiley was on the OC reunion. I think he’s very dishy. Here he is showing a new use of a friendly neighbourhood sock.


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