14 Mar 10

Notes now from 14 March – I’m catching up!

From the day before — it poured. No really it was very rainy, not so nice, not so fun. But into each life, right? First off in the wind and rain our power was knocked off. We’d come home from a nice dinner at MaRo’s (I had mussels with white whine and butte, which was a bit much fat for me and an antipasto salad), and a nice time, and gone to bed when around 3 am with a beep and a click everything went dead. Including my snozz machine (CPAP) which was a real drag because I am really unable to breathe without it. I was up and down every half hour. Called PEPCO who promised that it would be on by seven but it was eight really. Slept in therefore until 11 and we futzed around until oh, say, one.

Went to Laurel to retrieve a receipt from the pharmacy for my compression socks and they were very good about it. Then to COSTCO in Glen Burnie for gas and Home Depot to see about getting a replacement lockset for the portico door that was utterly wrenched by the peapod guy. They didn’t have one so we went to Lowes in Glen Burnie and were waited on by Garry and gorgeous cute as a button Justin who called Larsen, the manufacturer and ordered one for us. Wandered around and looked at gas grilles. We need to get one soon. I like the idea of a big five burner one but honestly a basic two-burner would do fine for our needs. Infrared seems to be the big thing now.

Lunch at KFC – I did well (grilled chicken) and badly (ordered double sides of cole slaw). I’m actually proud of myself that with one bite of the cole slaw I knew that it was full of sugar – it tasted like cole slaw candy. Revolting actually, so I looked it up on my app and there it was – very high in carbs.

Thence, having worked so ‘hard’ we went to Starbucks for a nice relaxing cappuccino (lots of carbs but…) while I looked up my lab tests. One of them I think needs me to not eat for 12 hours before the test! Ugh. Scheduled it – for Wednesday morning. Pulled out the circa notebook and looked at it but we’d overstayed our welcome a bit so we left.

Home through the rain, and we had boerewors with chackalacka and sautéed broccoli for dinner. Rather nice. Once we went on line we were up for ages and ages until about two.

So this morning, what with the time change and everything, we were up late (or at least I was) and C and I were very sluggish. We really SHOULD be cleaning the house as it’s an utter clutter but we didn’t today. Instead, I watched EE and then I took a shower and went out to Subway for a sub for him and a double-the-meat BMT salad for me (oil and vinegar). I feel fat. I haven’t been able/decided to get the nutritional information from Subway but I’m sure it’s high. Watched RHOOC reunion and RHONY second eppy. I really should also get in the two movies from netflix.

Put on a roast beef (thirty-six frigging dollars!) a bit late, rather hopeful as I’ve never roasted beef, just lamb. C is fixing brussels sprouts and mushrooms to have with it. Watching internet porn and as usual thinking I should be doing something more productive. But fuck it – there’s always “a little bit later” right? Dinner soon.

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