15 Mar 10

More notes, now from 15 Mar 10:

Lessee, what happened?

Well, the dinner last night went okay but a bit overcooked. Had some left overs for lunch. Cold and rainy in the morning but otherwise okay. Work was okay – took a bit of a dive when CH came in and was all bouncy about his move to HI. 😦

Other than that work was mostly about me sitting around trying to amuse myself. Tomorrow (always tomorrow) I need to get serious and start prepping for the trip. If we go. Otherwise, all was good. Met C after work. Still not put the circa notebook together and I must do that tomorrow too or I won’t know how to spend the $40 gift card. One more reason to waste less time at work. There are so many.

I don’t know why, I get so stressed. Or lazy. Lazy probably is more accurate.

What else, oh, well, I lost negative weight (gained it) but we think the scale’s gone wonky so we’ll leave it at that for now. In fact we ordered another one. 😦

Costco after work for lovely low (and medium) fat meats and cheeses (and protein shakes). Mmmm salami. On the other hand every night I feel fat. After Costco, lamb curry at Maiwand and a cappuccino at Starbucks. Home and straight on line, futzing around and then naughty sites on line.

Now I’m falling asleep watching scooby on YouTube talk about cardio. I need to verify that there really needs to be 2 hours after eating before working out, or I’ll never get to work out. I need need (want, maybe) to do 30 minutes a day.

C’s horny. Hmmmmm 🙂

I’m not. I’m too tired. 😦

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