28 Mar 10

More stuff this time from Sunday, March 28….

Slept until 2 pm and really haven’t done much. It was ‘that kind of a day.’ A bit nervous about tomorrow’s weigh-in but c’est la vie. Bolting water because I’ve got to have lab tests tomorrow and nil per os after midnight.

I feel so disorganized. I should probably do something about that. 🙂

Probably going to take tomorrow off work – I’ve got no expiration date sticker on my front windshield and they’ve been cracking down on Fort Meade. We were going to go by on Saturday but the line was out the door. So I’ll try late morning today and then come home and walk. Probably have dinner with C at his office.

Finally I need to write up my resume on the USAJobs site so I can apply for the DMA job. Oooo a 14. I don’t stand a chance, I don’t guess. I’ve probably killed my career accepting this downgrade.

Other than that not much. Watched a little about Scientology and read a little from Gawker.

Dreamt of the lovely place in Baltimore:

I was in Northern Virgnia at a metro bus stop on a downward sloping hill with a park and trees behind me. It was getting late in the afternoon and there were a crowd of people at the bus stop. I had on no shoes. A guy came up and beckoned me to follow him away, into the woods and then he climbed a tree. I went to follow but the limb he was standing on broke and he fell to the ground. I’m shouting “somebody call 911” and somebody does and he’s all right but my parents collect me.

Then we’re driving through northern Baltimore. We go to what seems to be a campus; there are gothic-style buildings, like the Houses of Parliament all around, some very ecclesiastical, and we pass under a series of large ornate gateways. We park and go into the house of a young women my parents know and suddenly all my family is there.

This young woman (her husband is coming home later) has a gorgeous house. One whole wall is two stories high and has shelves all in front of it with glass ornaments on them, which don’t spoil the view of the park beyond, which runs down a gentle slope to some more buildings. Everywhere there are examples of her artwork, and it’s really good, not ‘art work’ meaning ‘look I’ve self-indulgently daubed some paint on a canvas’ but nice, intricate paintings of vintage cars and old buildings. All looks like a lovely nice evening since she’s going to cook us dinner, but her dog bounds up to me and starts mouthing my hand, and it’s hurting and irritating…then some strange creature she has that looks like a giant monitor lizard but is orange and pink and yellow starts doing the same; it’s not got sharp teeth but it doesn’t seem to care that I’m trying to bat it away.

So I arrange to go out for a bit, and I walk out of her apartment into a marvelous street full of arcades and shops selling lovely things and it’s quiet yet full of people. There are maybe more Catholic bookstores than I’d expect, but perhaps this is a Catholic institution. The stores are all full of fascinating objects and paintings and I’m utterly enjoying myself wandering through, wishing that everywhere could be like this, so beautiful and old and full of such lovely things. There’re paths that wander along little narrow streams with shops along them, and a grand boulevard with more shops and restaurants. The light is strange and my dreams are often like this; around me is fairly light, like a cloudy day, but not far from me the scene recedes into a gloom that is neither gloomy nor disquieting-quite the opposite, it’s restful and also mysterious.

Does anyone know where this might be? Analyzing it I think it’s an amalgam of Lambertville, NJ, and Harrogate and Knaresborough in Yorkshire.

Hey, Ryan Hickmott from 30 Days is now my Facebook friend! 🙂 He’s a decent guy. He’s (or he was) a very conservative Christian from a rural area who volunteered to live with a gay man in the Castro in San Francisco for Morgan Spurlock’s series. IMHO the people themselves were the best ambassadors; not sure about the MCC pastor who didn’t have any credibility with the man from the beginning. But he made some real friends and was certainly game for a lot of ribbing (and got drunk and danced shirtless in a gay bar even…). He’s in the Army Reserves and has served in Iraq. I admire his ability to grow. And his looks ain’t bad either. He’s engaged to a lovely-seeming lady and is back safely in Michigan where he’s a financial advisor having two degrees and (I hope) success. Here he is on Oprah discussing his experience.


(So photogenic…wonder if he would have been chosen were he less so…)

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  1. What a lot you had to do. No wonder you were escaping in your dreams. What a lot of detail you recalled from your dream. It is rare for me to remember dreaming.

    I didn’t see the Oprah episode, but I saw that episode of 30 Days. He seems like a pretty good guy. I’m guessing if you were completely closed off to new ideas, you wouldn’t sign up for something like that.

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