Another Movie for You

The Road to Love:

“The Road to Love” is a French movie about a Maghrebi guy (Karim) who is making a documentary for a sociology project about gay men in the Maghreb. He’s very French and I guess a little Arab. He meets (Farid) who interests him and who predicts that one day he will have Karim. Eventually Karim becomes drawn to Farid and apart from his girlfriend who gracefully fades away. Karim and Farid decide to go to Morocco; there they sit around half dressed and sexy and eventually Farid marries Karim who decides he is a bottom. They arrange to exchange rings in Siwa, where marriages between men were conducted up until the ‘forties.

I liked the movie mostly. The style, a documentary within a documentary was well handled and both Karim and Farid were GORGEOUS. 🙂 But I do think that it showed a view of North Africa as a bit more accepting than it really is.

I also noticed a lot of parallels with  “The Man I Love” – straight man meets gay man and slowly falls in love, while girlfriend is discarded.

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