Coffee Date

On and on, it just keeps on coming – Coffee Date:

Meh. I mean the movie is well-meaning, and somewhat sweet, but really, the whole thing could have been wrapped up in about twenty minutes. Especially since the director, Stewart Wade gave a reason for making a feature-length movie that frankly didn’t come across in the end. The basic story is that a straight guy is unwittingly set up on a blind date with a gay man (tee hee), and spends the rest of the movie trying to convince himself and everyone around him that just because he becomes good friends with said gay man, that doesn’t mean he’s gay. Nice idea, easy to sum up. Jonathan Bray (the straight guy) and Wilson Cruz (the gay one) are pretty good, actually, but surrounded by terrible overactors.  Jonathan Silverman is cute but would be funny if he wasn’t one big stinking slice of ham. The shtick that nobody really listens to Todd protesting his straightness grows first unbelievable, then old, then annoying. The DVD had the usual extras except a commentary.

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