Second Skin

Now another movie: Second Skin…

I actually liked this film, but I can see why other people wouldn’t. It’s about a man who somehow manages to be married to an angel of a woman, and to have an affair with a hunky doctor, who can’t make up his mind what he really wants (or is). It is quite soap-opera-y with lots of somewhat obvious plot devices and stirring music, but what made me enjoy it was the passionate love making scenes between Alberto (Jordi Mollà) and Diego (Javier Bardem) and between Alberto and his lovely wife Elena (Ariadna Gil).

The ending was a bit far-fetched though, after basically being an utter asshole to everyone around him  (both Diego and Elena really do love Alberto) Alberto breaks down because he can’t decide between paradises. In the end Diego and Elena becomes friends, sort of, in a ‘lets get everything wrapped up way.’

The love making is passionate, and I find Jordi Mollà actually rather good looking (check out those ice blue eyes) especially as he seemed such an ‘every man;’ a type I find very erotic as it opens one to the idea of the eroticism of people all around one (me), but the only full-frontal nudity in it (of Elena and one man Elena takes as a lover) to be forced, as some (many) of the other aspects of the film. I did like the Spanish settings and the DVD transfer was clear. The DVD was a bit thin on extras.

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