Some Movies You Should See

Or maybe not. Sorry for not blogging more recently. I blame Facebook and Twitter and laziness. Not to chums – I’m down 54.3 pounds since the end of January. 🙂

First movie: I am Guilty…

German movie about a disaffected, disconnected youth who tries to date the young Katje (only to find out she’s going out with another guy and not to discover she planned to humiliate him (maybe – it’s very unclear)). Despite that he has sex with bikers at a local men’s room by the Autobahn. He falsely confesses (the German title of the film is Falscher Bekenner) that he sabotaged a rich banker’s car leading to his death, and that committed arson on a building, causing an ill-defined scare in and around Krefeld. Armin’s family is gut Mittleklasse and rather indulgent as Armin is basically a lay-about oxygen thief. Finally he gets arrested (he actually runs away from the police — despite having drawn their attention to him!) and the film just


I didn’t like this film – it seemed silly and pretentious, I really don’t think that it makes any sense whatsoever and Armin seemed (intentionally?) to be a waster. The ‘degrading’ sex with the bikers seemed to give him pleasure – perhaps because it wasn’t very degrading at all. Who knows?

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