I’m back!

Well, remember me?

I’d been staring at my site for quite some time, dissatisfied at it and how I’ve neglected it. But I also didn’t want to go back to feeling a bit burdened by posting so much, often late at night, wrestling with this pretty bad program I bought which promised (ha!) to make editing one’s blog easier but which wound up making a terrible mess of things, and looking a bit silly with all the gratuitous male flesh. So expect my updates to be shorter and there to be less men involved. I won’t say none of them though – perish the thought!

When last I left you we were discussing the Real Housewives of New York and their disasterous trip to Marrakech. I think that was when the rot set in which led to half of the cast (including my favourite, Alex) being fired. We went through a full season of New Jersey with hot sexy Joe Gorga, and we’ve started in on Beverly Hills and Atlanta. I’m watching Beverly Hills but only fitfully. See, I got so many good books for Christmas or for myself that I find I don’t have a lot of desire to watch my DVR’d episodes. I will try to get caught up on Beverly Hills and I will possibly be more dilligent with Orange County, but I think I’ll give New York and Atlanta a (continuing) miss.

Since the summer when my last post was posted I’ve had a lot of good times. C and I went to beautiful Litchfield, SC, for a week of pool-lying-beside and couch-lazing-on and not much else. We really enjoyed it. If anyone wants I’ll post a picture of the house and such. In October we took another mini-break to Bethlehem, PA, and started on our Christmas shopping. (See, last year we did nothing at all for Christmas and we were both a little depressed so this year we put up a beautiful tree and lots of decorations and had family over and it was 100% better. And we had Bubble Lights!)

In November for my birthday we went to Tucson, AZ, to meet Ryan Hickmott whom some of you will know from an episode of Morgan Spurlock’s show 30 Days. To refresh your memory you can go check out the first post I made about him. We’ve gone from being Facebook friends to what I hope is ‘real’ friends; he has shared various very personal good news and bad times with me. It was really good to meet him and his lovely wife Angela. We went to Tombstone where I fired a pistol for the first time in my life. I thought it was great! We had dinner together – it was his anniversary weekend and we visited him at his home. We also enjoyed some of the sights of the Tuscon area and some great restaurants too. I’ll try to upload a few pics from it if anyone would care to see them.

So what’s on my mind now?

  • The state of national and international affairs. Which basically suck. We’re all broke and going to China for money. Obama is looking less and less viable unless this recession ends and people can get back to work.
  • My weight. Please see my other blog for more on that.

What’s on your mind?

Now the gentleman whose torso is above is model Michael Horta, an American who moved to Brazil when he was 11 years old. Here he is, head on. 

Michael Horta, shirtless, with a knowing look
He knows what YOU want
Sure looks like he does!

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