Bridge (Temporary)

Beautiful day – low humidity, temperature.
Went to Dr. Auslander’s for temporary bridge. He numbed my upper mouth which hurt like a mother. Mind you I still fell asleep in the chair! Then he took a bunch of impressions with that glue paste plaster stuff. Then he ground down my remaining teeth – I could smell the burning enamel. Then a fragile temporary bridge was cemented in – I’m terrified that I’ll break it or god knows what will stick to it. Slept for a bit afterwards (four hours), then we went to Hard Times for lunch. Home and I fell asleep again(!). Chicken korma for dinner.

So many things I want to do with the computer to organize my life and I can’t seem to get started. Watching Season 1 Episode 2 of Southland. Mmmmm Benjamin McKenzie. Mmmm.


Bed early tonight – work tomorrow. 😦

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