Movie For You – Dorian Blues

iMDB page Trailer



Michael McMillian – Dorian

Lea Coco – Nicky


Dorian realizes he’s different because he’s gay. His mum is basically not there and his dad is a really angry bastard. His schoolmates are not too cool with him, but at least his brother is supportive.

So Dorian goes off to school in New York and his brother comes to visit when they have a piece of bad news.


The thing is, unlike a lot of gay movies:

1) Despite being at times witty and and likable, the gay character isn’t all that perfect; he’s very angry and while a lot of people around him notice, the audience only realizes slowly that he might be over caustic and over defensive and over judgmental.

2) When the straight jock guy (Nicky) cries it’s not because he’s secretly gay, at all. Not everything revolves around coming out of the closet.

So I liked it because of that. Michael McMillian and Lea Coco do a really good job and I’d like to see both of them in other films in the future.

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